Zombie apocalypse

The zombie apocalypse seems to be on everyone’s mind (sic) these days, ranging from a movie about a zombie apocalypse, to a movie actually called Zombie Apocalypse, a Big Croissant initiative to be internationally cool by hosting a training exercise to prepare for a zombie apocalypse which was unfortunately cancelled at the last minute by the unlamented former provincial government (another reason to vote them out), and the CDC’s preparedness document for the zombie apocalypse, because the CDC does worry about these things. I mean, they’ve got posters, a graphic novella and everything.

Since the province is now unprepared for a zombie apocalypse, the parentals will now have to consider how to prepare the Micro-Dragon for any potential zombie apocalypse, because he does have that mighty brain that he does have to protect from accidents and zombies. That’s right – A to Z protection. We’ll get to that.

It all started on Sunday, which in itself started fairly innocuously.

After a Saturday of doing Tarzan Yell with girls, swimming with girls(!) and watching a movie with girls, it was finally a lazy morning of getting up an hour before sunrise and eventually having a breakfast of fruit and waffle with the Mom. That would be fruit for the Mom and fruit and waffle for the Micro-Dragon, because waffles help power that mighty brain. Given that the refrigerator was becoming relatively vegetation-free, it was time for a Patrem et Filium outing to the market to get delicious tomatoes and delicious strawberries along with other vegetation that he had no real interest in (carrots, arugula, chard, beets, New Zealand spinach – that sort of stuff that’s not delicious tomatoes). We also bought some flowers to complement the sunflowers from the previous week’s market outing, with Liam Wallace personally choosing which flowers to go with. He also helped carry the bags, saying “I got it! I got it!” as we trundled along with half of his weight in vegetation.

Upon the return from the market, the Mom was promptly crying her eyes out. Why? Liam Wallace personally handed the bouquet to his Mom, saying “Mom! flower!” as he walked up the steps towards her with bouquet in hand.

Liam Wallace's flowers for Mom

They look really nice, don’t they? This is a closeup of the multi-colored one.

Closeup on the flowers for Mom

Then it was some quality Mom time, reading a variety of books with her which had photos and illustrations of butterflies.

Liam Wallace always liked butterflies – one was his first favorite toy and co-pilots the car when land retrieval is required to retrieve the Micro-Dragon from the maternal village. He still plays with Butterfly on occasion, but when it comes to books he is now very adept, having started off by saying something like “pie-see” when he was first starting to speak to now being able to say “butterfly” or “papillon” depending on who’s asking or reading along.

After reading, it was time for a little work in the kitchen before sitting down to a lunch of crust-less ham and cheese sandwiches and delicious tomato.

Liam Wallace noshing on his casual Sunday lunch

The main course went down much better with some juice and he certainly enjoyed the delicious ham and the bread in addition to those tomatoes, leaving only the less-desirable Kraft Single (we would fill the sandwich with something like Pleine Lune and Louis d’Or except that unlike his paternal cousins, he hasn’t yet developed a taste for those cheeses) before moving onto strawberries and raspberries for his regular intake of fruits. [aside – this weekend was his first demonstration of regular, but we won’t delve into those horrors in this story]

So after downing a Danino, his bouquet of flowers scored an unexpected bonus, because the Mom broke out the milk chocolate as a surprise post-lunch dessert.

Not too shabby – fresh delicious tomatoes, delicious strawberries and delicious raspberries from the market, a ham sandwich with an optional side of cheese, juice and Danino topped off with Ghirardelli chocolate the Patrem manually picked up on that trip to show the picture of the boat. For a casual Sunday lunch that turned out to be pretty good. Keep this in mind: the parentals fed him. He had and ate the meal.

In fact, we spend an inordinate amount of time trying to make him things we think he might like. Some – like the Ataúlfo mango birthday waffle, manually curated Uruguayan blueberries, and the octopus wieners – are really big surprise hits. And then we have the other end of the spectrum, where we find fish, shellfish, and his personal nemesis the sweet potato.

It was time for some afternoon snoozies while the parentals struggled with the cerise Friheten, but the parentals were dreaming in fuchsia thinking that the early morning start would translate into an extended afternoon nap. Two hours, on the dot and no extension possible.

The Micro-Dragon was looking a little ragged as he asked to be picked up so we knew that two hours wasn’t quite enough to recharge the mighty brain. But, no extension possible.

Liam Wallace asking to be picked up post-snoozies

Notice those dark circles under those eyes. Nope, definitely inadequate snoozie time.

The first Patrem et Filium selfie wasn’t quite right – slightly sleepy kid, some camera adjustments also needed because the auto-white-balance was out of whack.

Selfie - not quite awake after afternoon snoozies

There! Camera now adjusted and much better suited to the Micro-Dragon’s taste. We both need haircuts.

Selfie - Liam Wallace satisfied with the camera adjustment

As he became more awake, he turned around to see who he was taking a photo with, with a recognition that it’s the Patrem that’s holding him aloft…

Selfie - Liam Wallace looking at a rutabaga

Then… Ow! Ow! Ow! Gnawing on the paternal pumpkin like a beaver going medieval on an aspen tree.

Selfie - Liam Wallace doing zombie apocalypse snack-time

Ow! Ow! Ow! (continued)

Selfie - Nom! Nom! Nom!

That nom-nom-nom continued for another few moments before the Micro-Dragon had a V8 moment, stopped and said “cracker!”

Did he get a cracker? He most certainly did get a cracker.

There is no lasting physical damage though there are teeth marks on the side of the Patrem’s rutabaga, and the patch that was gnawed on is missing a little bit more of the remaining hair than was initially present. I guess I should be grateful that we had remembered to make him lunch.

It was definitely a different way to ask for a cracker, but in another context it is a demonstration that the Micro-Dragon is well ahead of the parentals and was inspired by his friend Butterfly to develop an innovative response already seen in nature to address a potential zombie apocalypse: Batesian mimicry, similar to that seen with the Spicebush Swallowtail Papilio troilus and the Pipevine Swallowtail Battus philenor butterflies.

Butterfly mimicry

I guess the Patrem’s role is to mimic the snack.



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