Year of the Monkey

Happy Lunar New Year! Today is officially the first day of the Year of the Monkey, though more specifically, it’s the Year of the (Fire) Monkey.

The big event was of course last night, and everyone congregated at the homestead as having the Eve falling on the weekend meant that there was more effort possible into the giant meal.

Surprise! Liam Wallace actually ate something this year. Not anything that the parentals prepared mind you, but primarily the noodle dish his paternal grandmother made and some Korean beef the paternal uncle put a whole lot of effort into (it was delicious). That, and choco Minion cookies with biomoo.

Lucky red envelopes? I guess that would be a check from the evidence here:

Liam Wallace doing the value of the dollar with the paternal uncle

That’s the paternal uncle who made the second of the two successful dishes in the nephew’s dinner repertoire, beaming with pride for successfully preparing a dish that his nephew consumed and attempting to pose for a good New Year Photo. And that’s the Micro-Dragon nephew paying attention to his uncle and dutifully posing nicely for said good photo.

As for how the family unit kicked off the Year of the Monkey, new clothes (for prosperity – check), a sort-of hearty breakfast and the obligatory family self-portrait.

Family photo for the Year of the Monkey

Two pink, one delightfully lemony, anime hair under control. The AWB is off again on the camera. We’re looking pretty good for a trio who didn’t get too much sleep, but the house is clean and we’re feeling lucky.

And finally… the best Lunar New Year greeting to date.

We’ll eventually post it once we get to the Year of the Dragon to show a full Cycle worth of greetings, but his hair looks nice, his (constantly changing) eye color is visible, and he’s wearing a tie to practice for his interview at the VC investment firm.


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