Year of the Dog

So, is everyone feeling lucky today? Today is the first day of the Year of the Dog, though more specifically it’s the Year of the (Earth) Dog.

The Micro-Dragon was partying last night at the paternal grandparents and while he’s too young to be suffering from the effects of the hair of the dog, he wasn’t exactly too spry to start the school day on the first day of the Year of the Dog.

[aside: in the parts of the globe that celebrates the Lunar New Year, there is no school today]

Anyhoo, the parentals managed to get him dressed and sort-of upright, to the point where we could take a passable photo of him.

This would be him trying not to laugh out loud as we switched out the traditional “cheese!” with the countdown of “3, 2, 1… b*tt !”

We did get a couple of really good ones including what eventually became the annual Lunar New Year greeting.

Oh – we were amazed that Liam Wallace started eating sushi during the New Year’s Eve dinner. No, really!

The above would be one of the two platters of sushi which made up part of dinner. The dotted clementine-colored line encircles one order of avocado hosomaki with soy paper rather than the more common nori; there are six pieces per order.

And that yellow arrow? It points to the single piece of sushi consumed by the Micro-Dragon. We’re happy that he’s expanded his horizons and has started eating it. We see it as a major major milestone, and it helps the parentals demonstrate a lesson in fiscal management. Not for him, for us, because we can envisage the day where he’ll be demolishing the whole platter by himself and not just the one piece of maki.


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