Xmas Time!

It’s Xmas Time again today! Liam Wallace is a whole lot bigger than that porchetta we made on his first Xmas and he takes up a whole lot of room as he spent an hour trying to push the Patrem out of bed (I was taking up too much space which he needed to stretch to use iPad).

Really. An hour. After which he went into the living room and ignored the tree until the paternal grandparents arrived. Either he was completely oblivious to it, or he was being really polite.

Gifts arrived for Xmas time. There are a couple in there for the paternals and the grandparents. Really!

Santa delivery

Santa was hitting the moo pretty hard. We don’t think The Jolly One is a vegan because the carrot seemed to have been gnawed on half-heartedly.

Santa post-delivery proof

But once everyone was in place, we had one Micro-Dragon delirious with joy, as his eyes roll into the back of his head before he did the berserker thing with the wrapping.

Liam Wallace delirious with joy

This would be Liam Wallace wiggling his little butt humming Pharrell’s catchy little tune as he continued the unwrapping blitz.

Liam Wallace unwrapped - "Happy!"

Don’t know the song? It’s Happy.

He was happy. Lots of fun things, lots of creative educational stuff, choco. What else would you want?

Well, perhaps the toy of the day.

The Xmas toy of the day

One will notice that it’s not actually a toy, though the paternals do say that T&T makes a really good grocery bag that’s strong enough for really heavy stuff and folds flat for easy storage. This actually makes the Patrem think of an Xmas time long ago when there was a run on G1 Transformers toys, and after the Paternal Grandmother and the Patrem managed to get one Transformer each for the paternal uncle, what did the paternal uncle play with? Balloon from the shopping mall.

Still, Liam Wallace did play with one of the toys.


Chalk drawing of Kevin the Minion (he pronounces “Kevin” closer to his paternal uncle’s name; the uncle who’s named after photosynthesis because the underlying chemistry was so elegant).

Healthy breakfast – apples, berries, avocado and so forth.

After a while, the Mom kicked out the Patrem and Filium into the green/brown wilderness because she needed alone time in the kitchen.

We took advantage of the quality time together to take out the balance bike and go to the (mothballed) park. No one else was there (my guess is that they were sitting at home eating popcorn or something), so Liam Wallace had free run of the available facilities without needing to be socially conscious and share.

All the balance thinga-ma-doobies including this abstract motorcycle.

Balancing at the park

And all the sand!

Plenty of space for drawing patterns for the ancient aliens like at Nazca so they know of his existence.

Nazca lines

And when the Patrem et Filium finally came back to the homestead, this is what we saw of the fruits of the Mom’s efforts in the kitchen: her (anatomically correct) snoman.

The Mom's anatomically-correct snoman



2 Responses to Xmas Time!

  1. Nadine alias Mom December 25, 2015 at 11:01 pm #

    Nice Christmas day with my 2 men !!!! Love you both…a lot!!!

  2. Rob Mariani December 26, 2015 at 8:09 am #

    He sure has grown up!

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