Xmas Eve

Wow! It’s already Xmas Eve and the Patrem has just realized how long it’s been since the last post. There’s been a whole lot going on since the Micro-Dragon (who’s not really so micro anymore) joined the Giraffes, but I’ll have to get to that.

Right now, it’s Xmas Eve, and Liam Wallace has enjoyed his Xmas Eve feast of prime rib with truffled mashed potato and braised red cabbage about as much as The Mom enjoys scrubbing shower tile mildew. Not quite right up there with fish or sweet potato, but not exactly the screaming success the Patrem was hoping for. A lot of effort went into developing the layers of flavor of the accompanying jus, but we’ll just set that aside for the time being, and the Patrem will eventually get over himself.

This is Liam Wallace post-beef on Xmas Eve:

Xmas Eve with Santa's cookie and carrot

Looks a little pale, but that could be either the lack of protein, lack of sleep, or the white balance setting. I am guessing the latter because the red clothes and the fuchsia stool really wreak havok on digital.

He’s in this year’s iteration of the Xmas pyjamas, he has his bear slippers on, and he’s prepared an evening snack plate with a cookie, a carrot and a side of organic whole milk (because it’s the only one where Big Dairy doesn’t steal milk fat from you) for the Jolly Man in the Red Suit. Aka, the Anti-Krampus.

In spite of the expression he’s actually quite excited that it’s Xmas Eve, because he knows that there might be a visitor who will require an alternate means of seasonal entry since the parentals installed a fondue burner instead of a real chimney. He’s been as good as he can, and he hand-selected the delicious cookie and even washed the carrot on the outside possibility that Mrs. Klaus made Santa go vegan.

Nope; the distant gaze is because he was busy watching the Box Tops sequence in Minions.


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