This can’t possibly be good, especially as Liam Wallace is correcting the Mom’s pronunciation of the word “Lexus”. She’s still wading in otaku while searching for examples of Sonoman grape juice.

A couple of years ago, there was an ad campaign running the tagline “Engineered for magic, everyday” where a certain car available in optional yellow was used as a substitute for a school bus. The Mom first saw the ad a few months before the Micro-Dragon up and rearranged the Patrem’s planned trip to Paul’s Family Diner New Jersey and she thinks it’s a great idea. Still does too especially since the Micro-Dragon will be showing off his mighty brain at school sooner than we think and because the name of that particular make is easier to pronounce than Lexus.

Before her trip to nerdstock, she took the Micro-Dragon to look at some wheels that were available for potential buyers to test drive at will. He’s still about 60 cm too short and 14 years too young to legally drive in this jurisdiction, but it’s never too early because he will eventually drive and the more preparation he has the better. Not to the extent of Frank Martin preparedness, but good defensive driving habits.

Here he is essentially “trying” and quickly writing off the econo-box, managing to pry his little butt out of the vehicle very quickly after this photo was taken.

Let's say no to the red econobox

Why write it off so fast?

Apart from not being visually suitable as an accoutrement, the Flintstone-esque drivetrain and the suspension which looks like it came from Ben Hur’s chariot or a current-generation Corvette (surprise! both platforms use the same fundamental technology) has this model apparently handle like a Yugo. Or his maternal uncle’s old Pony – six of one and so forth.

The Mom herself said “no” to the ultralight that he tried out shortly afterwards.

Testing an ultralight

There’s just something not quite right about when one wing doesn’t stay folded in flight position, and the co-pilot waving both arms in the air doesn’t provide any sense of maternal confidence.

Back to road vehicles.

While another potential buyer was squealing in terror in the distance during her test drive of that same red econo-box Liam Wallace had succinctly decided wasn’t for him, he ignored the sounds of not-glee from the other driver and concentrated on evaluating this delightfully lemony model with baby blue trim since it was similar in shade to the other vehicle which the Mom could use as a bus.

A substitute for the yellow Porsche Cayman

He’s adjusting the controls and checking out the options on this one before giving it a go.

Build quality definitely better than the red POS in the rear view, but one little problem kept surfacing as the Micro-Dragon’s test drive progressed.

It doesn't quite handle like the Cayman

It might be yellow, but it’s still not a Cayman.


Since the Mom already said no to the ultralight and the Patrem’s boring lack of automotive instant gratification sensible nature more than likely means the Mom won’t be showing off her paddle-shifter moves while driving to school in the short term, perhaps another direction for cool transportation that he has already shown an interest in a couple of months back.

Liam Wallace doing the Sturgis

That would be Liam Wallace channeling Easy Rider, inspired by this cool guy who is actually on his way to Sturgis.

Rob en route to Sturgis


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3 Responses to Wheels

  1. Rob Mariani July 31, 2014 at 12:07 pm #

    Wow! Liam sure is growing up. Since I have regressed to a trike, it won’t be too long before Liam will be on two wheels—such is the circle of life!

    • The Patrem August 2, 2014 at 8:56 am #

      He is already eyeing the two wheel option already, but we’re really interested in hearing more about this new trike of yours. I think we need to see an updated photo.

      • Rob Mariani August 7, 2014 at 11:22 am #

        Methinks as soon as the temp drops just a wee bit here in the Southwest, I will have one taken!

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