We’re back!

Well, gee, that was painful. Following the ascendance of the Cheet-O, The Patrem decided to move services into another jurisdiction with better data safeguards, like France. Oops. They almost had their own near-death experience, with long lines of ex-pats not able to exercise their franchise because the bureaucracy lived up to its stereotype.

So spend some time learning the online interface of the new service provider. Then start hardening the underlying servers. Then going to do other things and having memory lapses on how to do these things while they’re still half-finished. Not exactly the brightest move in the world.

All the while, the Micro-Dragon is getting big, shooting towards the 2/3 mark of the Patrem on the vertical scale (not that that’s hard – the offspring is going to easily tower over the parentals).

So lots of backlog and lots of other things, like finalizing system setup and tuning. And learning how to spell when it comes to entering passwords.

However, the important thing is that we’ve managed to lurch back on the air. More adventures coming. Watch this space.

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