A field of frog cupcakes waiting to hail the Micro-Dragon


Can you believe it?

Two years ago today, the Micro-Dragon introduced himself to the world as a blond, blue-eyed pale pink kid cruising nurses working the overnight shift at the hospital nursery. He was supposed to spend the night doing snoozies in the preemie incubator but the time with the nurses was well, way more comfortable.

Liam at birth

One year ago today, the Micro-Dragon was a strawberry blond, grey-eyed pale pink kid cruising waitresses at the local breakfast place before settling down to taste-test his way through gift unwrapping and chewing on Steve the Federalist Bear (who tastes like “fuzzy”) before succumbing to a sugar coma from attempting to eat the entirety of his 3D Gummibär cake.

Liam unwrapping his endless mountain of gifts at the age of ONE 

And TODAY: the Micro-Dragon is officially a toddler. Mazel Tov!

Liam Wallace is a really fast, multi-lingual, dirty blond,  amber-eyed (though unstably), pale pink toddler who reads, sings, dances and says “how are you?” to passing women who suit his fancy.

So how do we start off the first official day of Toddler-hood? Sitting free and loose with his morning biomoo while watching a performance of the the Potato Dance.

Free and loose and enjoying some morning biomoo

And we supplement that biomoo with… another waffle. Gee – this is so, last week. The parentals are getting predictable though this one has bio-banana rather than raspberries.

Waffle with bio-banana and hazelnut spread

Contemplation of the third morsel of bio-banana. Probably a flash that perhaps a choco-duck might be missing from the waffle foundation and hoping that tomorrow’s breakfast won’t be another waffle.

Contemplating the bio-banana

Post-waffle and and after having all the pink external bits well-basted with SPF60, it was time to get dressed and prep for proto-school. Action jumpsuit from France and dinosaur top for rapid movement, sandals for aeration of tootsies.

Liam Wallace ready for the first day at school as a toddler

And what’s with the seemingly unending field of frogs sitting like an amphibian version of the audience from Apple’s 1984 commercial right at the top of this entry? Cupcakes for classmates and educators at proto-school. The Mom slaved for hours over the heavy-duty stand mixer and oven making everything from scratch (because it has to be peanut free), using surgical forceps to precisely hand-glue the choco-irises to the marshmallow eyes, and then fretting over whether the green was adequately frog green before individually detailing every cupcake.

The end product is pretty cool because while at first glance they seem to be identical, one discovers on closer inspection that they’re not clones and that each is very slightly different than the others. Yes, a frog cupcake homage to the terracotta warriors of Emperor 始皇帝.

So that’s the start of TWO. TWO! Liam Wallace is currently doing learning stuff at proto-school but there will be more a bit later, because there’s also the aftermath of the big green box last seen in the Before Party.


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  1. Marc July 8, 2014 at 12:01 pm #

    Bonne Fête Liam ! You are so lucky to have such great parents – et félicitations particulières à la cuisinière des cupcakes, impressionnant!!

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