Months that is. Can you believe it? Twenty months have passed since Liam Wallace first sprang onto the world. His age now starts with a “2”.

This would be the Micro-Dragon giving a demonstration of what the paternals should be expecting in perhaps a dozen years when he’ll be asked to do the mundane like mowing the lawn or shoveling (yeah!).

LWS at 20 months

Looks almost comfortable doesn’t he? He did finish his grape juice (he seems to have an affinity for white grape juice like his Mom though hers is “special”) and there was snack available along with Bee if he needed a neck pillow.

Actually, we can’t blame Liam Wallace for deciding to take advantage of sunshine to take a quick snooze. It has been a trying few days with some really rough nights trying to get to sleep and with proto-school simplifying things because spring break has dropped the daily population down to a fraction of what it is normally. Vegetable soup and then sandwiches? Please…

For 20 months it was an action-packed patrem et filium morning, starting with breakfast of toast and cheeze (please…) before getting dressed to head off to the market to reserve some cow and get some figs and a little triple-cream for nibbles. Also touching the vegetables seeing which capon was the nicest one, inspecting bacon, and verifying if they ever fixed the wobbly café chairs on the second floor (that would be a “no”).

Then off to show the paternal grandparents his kitchen skills before being treated to lunch by the grandparents at a new neighborhood restaurant.

LWS at Maison Mignon

This would be him at the restaurant about 2 hours before sun snoozies. He’s wearing his Paris fashion outfit and has his special Monkey travel bowl and utensil set that his paternal grandmother always has the ready for him. That’s also a brand-new kid chair that he’s sitting in – the eatery just bought it the day before so it’s his buttcheeks that are the first to caress the shiny plastic finish.

So after lunch, duck deliveries before settling in for the Vitamin D treatment.

What was the after-snoozie activity? More snoozies. Tomorrow we’ll try and guilt the Mom into making pancakes.



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