The Year of the Horse is very important for the patrem, but thus far the Year of the Horse is also a year of significant changes for the filium, as he continues to develop language and fine motor skills in leaps and bounds. Plus he’s getting faster. Much faster. As in velociraptor chasing down lumbering brachiosaur faster. And just like the scene in the movie, he does indeed know how to open doors though the Mom doesn’t do a particularly good Laura Dern impression.

The Micro-D completed his 19 month tune-up and all is well, with the now-obligatory development checklist showing a-okay and the pediatrician being impressed on the cognitive front with his ability to count in two languages and understand/interact in five. Plus he said “hi”. Literally. On the physical side, it was all showing off his ambidextrous dexterity, increased strength and ability to gain altitude by climbing on just about everything (including his pediatrician). Why a 19-month tune-up? Because scheduling issues prevented the tune-up from occuring at 18 months as it’s normally scheduled.

The Mighty Brain is fully functional in spite of an extended string of nights where snoozies were shall we say, “problematic”. In hindsight, that might be his way to get back at the parentals for not having enough guacamole available, or just him conducting an insomnia experiment to see how long the pater can continue to be functional on 90 minutes a day. Data’s already in on the Mom – not long.

Tune-up also brought official confirmation that Liam Wallace is now 50% of the height of the pater (he passed the 50% on the Mom a while ago) so if the 24 month adage holds true, he’s well on his way to towering over the parentals as an adult. Rawr! is indeed in our future. We think he’s slightly taller because he was still wiggling in the measuring contraption but irrespective it’s actually a 3% increase in verticality in a calendar quarter so it will be very interesting to see how much more vertical he piles on in the next few months. It won’t be for lack of calcium – full biomoo cartons and dairy products have a very ephemeral existence around him.

Mass? Not a huge increase though we are certain that the increase is real because he went in for measurement “empty”. [aside – the pater is very pleased that horrors occured at proto-school and not well, with the pater] It’s still in line with the growth curve so no aberrant wiggle. He still has the little kid bulge around the abdomen (visible if he deigns to show you what a belly button looks like), but with the raptor behaviour and the erg levels chances are that the filium won’t be shaped like a Bosc pear like the patrem.


The above photo would be Liam Wallace downing his breakfast of multi-berry bubble cake, raspberries, biomoo and DanActive (because probiotics are our friend) post-tune-up and looking pretty smug while doing it. The parentals thank him in advance for holding up two fingers rather than just a potentially-unfortuante single digit. The other hand is showing his love of Spinal Tap. That actually is his hair color – dirty strawberry blond with definite red highlights in bright light; the overall color seems to be getting lighter as the winter abates and the northern hemisphere heads towards spring.

On an unrelated administrative note, to ensure that things keep up with his increased speed, this site deserves, nay, demands a new server. And it’s now running on said new server – can you feel the improved load times ruffling your hair? Actually the transfer of everything over to the new machine went incredibly smoothly though part of that is having an intact database and part of that is doing the transfer manually without the intervention of “automated” tools designed to facilitate transfer.

Now let’s see if the pater can not be the lumbering brachiosaur.


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