Can you believe it? The Micro-Dragon is three today. We’ve had a full late spring/early summer of lead-up activities to today, including space travel, house guests and a pre-birthday party (which we’ll get to), but today was The Day where we went from two to three. The Big Three.

Hard to believe this was him three years ago.

Liam at birth

Don’t let that tranquil snoozing fool you – he was cruising nurses about 30 minutes after the photo was taken.

This was today:

Three years old and stacking numbers

We remember when these were first stacked together as he didn’t quite reach the top of the stack. And now he’s a full head (relatively speaking) over the height of the number tower.

So how did we start off the day? Message from the Red Elf asking if he was good on his birthday.

The Santa birthday message

This was actually a little weird, not because of the Big Guy in the Red Suit or the two elfen minions standing next to the cake, but it’ because it’s the first time the Patrem has ever heard any of these messages in anglais. The Mom generally programs these in the language of Molière, but we suspect it’s due to using an English machine to play the message.

So after confirming to Santa that he was being good, there was this:

Watermelon delivery shotTaken at the Patrem’s observation post of the Buffet Fu Lam. Yes, the lens cover of the case the iDevice is sitting in needs to be cleaned (note to self: also wipe Liam’s hands after morning sunscreen is applied).

Liam Wallace wanted to ensure that the other denizens at the observation post received adequate Vitamin C, hydration and carotenoids (because antioxidants are good for you), so we delivered a watermelon. Why? Because like Aunt NeNe’s atomic blankie, a watermelon is too big. And the elevator ride is fun.

After his good deed for the day, it was off to proto-school, where there was a full morning of funzies, including riding the car the whole morning (there is a video of an earlier iteration of this coming).

He was also very considerate of The Patrem, because there was a thunderpoopie at proto-school (woohoo! can this day get any better?).

After eating an extra portion of lunch which apparently included asparagus (!), it was time for class birthday party.

We can’t show any photos or videos of the party because because we didn’t ask the permission from the various sets of parentals of his classmates, but the proto-school chef Tammy knocked out a really nice cake.

Happy Birthday Liam! The proto-school's cake

The Patrem even got a piece too. Very moist, good flavor, not too sweet. It was blue-green inside, like a cyanobacter.

Birthday dinner? Like how the Patrem used to do it when he was a (somewhat older) kid: pizza. Delicious pizza. With fries. Also cucumber and cherry tomatoes, though they weren’t included in this snap.

Delicious pizza and fries

And to finish off birthday meal, ice cream. Not the Dairy Queen Peanut Buster Parfait of the Patrem’s youth, but delicious Kem Coba artisanal ice cream: pandanus leaf, coconut and rose and raspberry.

Then more presents! He actually received presents already at his pre-three party (more later) but of course, there’s more.

This is a book from his instructor Sabrina and the proto-school staff, because they know that he has an interest in the space sciences, and understands that Pluto is a Kuiper Belt body like Haumea, Eris, Ceres and Makemake, and that Venus is hot because of greenhouse gases.

My Little Space Book from Sabrina

Liam Wallace’s paternal grandmother went for some high-end tootsie sox from Souris Mini. Why yes, she is indeed dressing her grandson in brands.

Souris-Mini Sox from Paternal Grandmother

And of course SuperFina brought a few things. Delicious avocado, delicious banana, the multi-component gift bag. She knows the Micro-Dragon really well because this is the highlight:

The solar system map from Super-Fina

It’s a map of the solar system that’s printed on material that allows the use of dry-erase markers to scribble notes on. Names of planets, comet orbit plots, Lagrange points for the stable placement of O’Neill cylinders, wormholes, that sort of thing. He’s decided that this was tonight’s bedtime “story” and has Steve watching over it while he sleeps.

But wait! There’s more.

You see, all of the above after the birthday cake occurred after we arrived home. The question to ask is what happened when we arrived home?

Well, this is what happened. The Patrem had a “whoa!” moment.

Jeep Wrangler from Aunt Amy and Uncle Ramin

It’s a ginormous box. Liam Wallace said it’s a big box. That’s his travel stroller (the one he uses to take his Mom on vacation) alongside for scale, so please feel free to use the adjective you prefer.

But it’s not just a ginormous box: the ginormous box contains a fully functional electric vehicle (EV), which would make the other Steve squeal like a little girl because he’s interested in getting an EV ever since reading about the General Motors EV1.  It’s a little something from Aunt Amy and Uncle Ramin, who were inspired by this:

Aunt Amy and her Wrangler

That’s a full-size one, that would be Aunt Amy looking all cool and stuff (cool as in hip and not cool as in snow) and that’s a real-live winch in front that can be used to haul tanks or sequoias, or the odd mammoth stuck in the tar pits.

We think they’re aware that he has been looking at wheels and asking to be the official driver for the family for a while now. Do they blame him? He has two extremes: the Mom hammers the accelerator and drives the Cameleon like it’s a tractor, while the Patrem drives like the stereotypical little old lady in an attempt to hypermile.

For now, the parentals are looking in awe at the ginormous box like start of 2001 where the little troop looks at the Black Monolith. The next couple of days will be an exercise in engineering as the EV is prepped for its inaugural run with Mr. I’m Three Years Old at the wheel.

That’s a big cherry on the sundae.

One interesting note is that the EV is also beneficial to the parentals because it brings additional incentive for them to train harder (both training for distance running).

In its stock form, this bad boy can spool all the way up to 8 kmh/5 mph, which is faster than either parental can sustain at the present time. And there are sites listing battery mods among other things. The Bordelais who did the baptême béarnois two years (!) ago can do that speed, but we can’t. Not yet anyway. And that can be a problem because we’d need to be able to catch up to the EV, or alternatively be fast enough to get out of the way.

We’ve all seen The Road Warrior.



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  1. The Mom July 8, 2015 at 10:46 pm #

    What an amazing post! I feel I was there with you on this important day! I love you both to the moon and back! xxxxxxx

  2. Rob Mariani July 9, 2015 at 10:08 am #

    Have a great birthday Liam!

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