The Micro-Dragon is thirty today! Thirty months that is. We actually measured him just to see how much he has been growing since it’s evident by looking at him that he changes every day.

Weight was easy because it was simply a matter of holding him while stepping on the scale, then stepping on the scale sans-child, then doing the subtraction. It looks like he’s 12.9 kg give or take a hundred grams or so, or about 28.5 pounds in all, which would be an increase of two kilos since last year and about the same as his last official measure. While it’s not a huge amount we are pretty sure it’s a real gain as opposed to a temporary one since he did thunderpoopie horrors yesterday at proto-school (yeah!).

30 months - the official height measurement

Height was harder, because he still doesn’t really want to stay still. We continue to use the main concrete pillar that holds up the homestead as the locale to mark his development, which gives a permanence but the ease of writing information on the concrete surface still hasn’t changed. It’s still freaking hard to write anything much less anything legibly. And from the photo, no, the Patrem still hasn’t returned the penmanship award he won back in the fourth grade.

But how tall? He is now 90 cms tall, or three feet tall if you can’t do metric. That’s also known as a “yard” and is the average height of a hobbit. Given that he will continue to grow for the next 15-16 years or so, chances continue to be excellent that Liam Wallace will eventually tower over the parentals.

The start of the day was a little bit rough because Liam Wallace didn’t get a whole lot of snoozies because the parentals were late coming home from the Dijon Workshop. Yes he stayed up waiting. Yes the paternal grandparents were worried that he wouldn’t go to sleep. Yes the parentals are feeling guilty.

Some biomoo, a couple of glasses of the Parental Grandfather’s curated premium hand-squeezed orange juice, some toast with cretons, and the time for delicious milk product which provides calcium and protein for strong bones and muscles. No wasting food either – here he is ensuring that he got the bits stuck onto the inner lid.

30 months and enjoying the morning yogurt

And eventually eating his delicious milk product with his right hand. The parentals have no idea what the eventual phenotype will be because yesterday he was eating his delicious milk product with his left hand. The Patrem is rooting for the Micro-Dragon to be ambidextrous.

30 months and having the morning yogurt right-handed

Oh – thirty months later and we are still uncertain as to the hair color. Pascal believes it will eventually go chestnut and it is a bit darker than at the eighteen month mark, but there are still reddish highlights probably from the Mom’s Irish roots.

Today was of course a proto-school day and the Patrem doesn’t really know what Liam Wallace did activity-wise, though we did hear that dance classes had started up again and the little Lothario was enjoying cutting the rug and doing the Earthworm and other Tony Manero moves with V*ctoria.

After a return commute replete with snow, black ice and other commuters who appear to have forgotten how to drive in winter (culminating in a Mom with frazzled driving nerves), he sat down to a repast of potato (the Mom’s stereotypical feast of choice) and Ronald Reagan’s purported definition of what constitutes a third serving of vegetables.

30 months - dinner at The Clown with the Ronald Reagan special

Yes, we know – bad parentals – but today is thirty months, he specifically asked to have it, and he also ate the galette, the delicious milk product and the apple juice. He certainly doesn’t make a habit of it, and there will be more than enough time tomorrow to return to the bright green leaf smoothie and clean living.

So after a big day, he’s off to recharge his mighty brain in advance of the last day of proto-school for the week and then a promised Patrem et Filium outing afterschool.

Want to know what has he been doing these past few months leading up to thirty? Apart from girls, culinary demoslas españolas and the best Xmas ever?

Lots of things: climbing, reading, building, drawing, dressing himself properly and leaving his ears on his head when he puts on a shirt, and distance running way faster and for longer duration than the Patrem. Plus he’s learned the Patented Leg Drop. Due to unforeseen circumstances though with a lucky avoidance of troglodytes, activities this past October were dominated by the Shape Song, or more specifically, this Shape Song:

Everybody sing!

Triangle, Square, Pentagon, Hexagon
Heptagon, Octagon, Circle and more
Star. Oval. Diamond. Heart
Rectangle, and many more shapes!
Sing the Shapes!
Sing the Shapes!
Sing the Shape Song!
Sing the Happy Shape Song
Sing it all day long!

He loves shapes.

But he also loves the Fruit Song. Not the Vegetable Song – like his Paternal Aunt, Liam Wallace can’t get past asparagus though the block on that tasty vegetable is due to entirely different reasons. Only the Fruit Song. Actually, the Fruit Song is not really a song but a recitation of fruit to a soundtrack which you can see for yourself:

The Fruit Song has been teaching the Micro-Dragon a lot of things such as the identification of more exotic fruits that we can’t easily get in the Frozen Croissant. Like the dragon fruit, aka the pitahaya (the most common being Hylocereus undatus):

Dragon Fruit

And the durian, which he knows sort of smells like one pound [aside: there have been a lot of blog visitors looking for information on 454 grams by the way]:


Then there are the fruits that he’s more used to because of their broad general availability, either via local production or imports. These for some reason have commentary associated with them, like the delicious blueberry and the Anita. Bananas are organic, though we do suspect that knowledge comes in part from the organic fair-trade bananas that Fina brings him to ensure he has adequate Vitamin B6 and dietary manganese for proper superoxide dismutase function.

All Good Fair-trade Bananas

The parentals are not quite sure why the Micro-Dragon decided it was so because there is absolutely no indication in the Fruit Song, but like Aunt Nene’s Atomic Blankie which covers everything, the watermelon has been deemed to be too big.


And this of course is an apple.



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