Thirty three

Yes, today be thirty three (months), and we start the Micro-Dragon’s countdown to the Big Three.

The parentals asked Liam Wallace what he would like to do to mark the occasion. The answer: “iPad SVP!” (oh well, at least he says “please”). What he eventually decided upon was the following:

Liam Wallace doing the McHappy

Yes, that’s right – that’s Mr. Anime Hair with the McHappy. We know.

So before all the hate starts pouring in and before someone brings up Spurlock’s 30-day stint on the Clown Diet,

  1. He only eats these things occasionally,
  2. Apart from the fried potato sticks, the rest of the box contents is acceptable especially if supplemented by additional fruit and vegetables, like the Ataulfo mango his paternal grandmother brought for him,
  3. He barely touched the fries but wound up eating everything else (except the pickle slice – he gave that to the Patrem)

But wait! There’s more…

The McHappy Sushi

Do you see the little round thing with green bits sticking out and ensconced by a black casing? That would be a piece of a “spider maki“, or a soft-shell crab makizushi.

Thirty three is also the day Liam Wallace decides to be a bit more adventuresome, as we have confirmation of him trying the spider maki.

Sampling a spider roll

He eventually ate the cucumber and a little of the rice (say one grain) but at least he tried it.

Anyway, hamburger sans pickle slice, consumed.

Strawberry yogurt tube, consumed.

Whole Ataulfo mango, consumed.

Apple juice to wash everything down.

Another small bubbly treat from his paternal grandmother (because she brings the good stuff) before it was time for the third thing he asked for:

A chocolate glaze donut

Chocolate glaze, because they’re the freshest donut at any given time because of their popularity relative to other options. The Patrem likes these too, which is probably why the Patrem has a bit of a donut but again, these round items are very infrequent visitors to the homestead.

Liam Wallace has a specific technique for these things as doesn’t actually enjoy eating the entire donut, given that his preference is for the muffintop.

Eating the donut top

We have an inkling that he enjoyed his treat because he thanked the Mom (several times!) for agreeing to get it.

What else happened on thirty three? He apparently really enjoyed morning snack at proto-school as today was not just oranges, but blood oranges (“the red ones”). And he got to go with his classmates to the library for reading and story time. The instructors were apparently also talking about him, and they were commenting that as he gets older, he looks more and more like the Mom and less like the Patrem.

Definitely true on at least the hair side of things, because of the very simple fact that his does grow back.


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