Ten months!

Ten Months! The Micro-Dragon is ten whole months today!

So how does Liam Wallace live large? He wakes up and starts wiggling at 5:00a EST5EDT to convince his Mom Unit to get up and make an extra-special breakfast of crêpes topped with maple syrup and his favorite Ataúlfo mangos. And she does! Golden color, rather fluffy.


So with his pale little butt comfortably seating in his Peg Pérego seat, it’s time to start eating the special crêpe. Use hands to check for texture and temperature and critique Mom Unit knife skills and presentation before trying a bit.


Confirmation from initial poking that 1) it’s big, 2) it’s sticky and 3) he’s hungry and needs to eat efficiently without gluing himself to the seat table. Time to turn on brain. Use hands to practice Jedi mind trick before framing the problem relative to mouth size.


Resolution: activate piehole vacuum accessory.


Special Ataúlfo mango crêpe demolished. Now sit patiently after placing order for second serving with Mom-moo chaser on the side.


Life is good. Will contemplate taking out Bugaboo to lowride the neighborhood later in the day.


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