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Winter holiday

It’s not exactly like every day hasn’t already been a holiday since the Micro-Dragon stepped away from proto-school to avoid plague, but it’s been officially winter for 10 days or so and he’s still in vacation mode, so winter holiday it is. After delivering the rib rub and playing Stairway to Heaven as a duet, […]

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School party

After months of having to actively avoid the plague vectors his classmates, the Micro-Dragon made a special appearance at proto-school to participate in the school party for It’s-Now-a-Civic-Holiday-Enjoyed-by-All-Denominations-and-Faiths. Pretty good, especially with multi-days of cold cooping him up indoors and preventing even going for a quick jaunt around the block to break the monotony with […]

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The Tree

It’s The-Former-Religious-Holiday-in-December-That-is-Now-a-Civic-Holiday-Openly-Embraced-and-Enjoyed-by-All-Denominations-and-Faiths time again. To commemorate the season, the parentals have gone out to the wilderness (aka the Atwater Market on a Saturday) in search of The Tree. Before anyone gets all uppity about us being anti-forest, we purchase from tree farmers and we take full advantage of composting programs to ensure that the tree […]

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Liam waiting for a snack

XMas 2012 photos

So Xmas 2012 wasn’t all about white meat; there were lots of family and friends (of the parental units) with only a single branch missing from both sides of the family. I’m still trying to collect photos but I did receive a nice set of snaps from my pal Mo (you get to call her […]

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hey! cut that out!

First Xmas

Well, the first Xmas passed more or less without hiccups, and while I seriously doubt that the micro-D will remember it, we at least have photos to show him when he’s older. There will be other photos of him with some of the things he was showered with and I’ve got to get the photos […]

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