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CPE Welcome Mural

Last Day

We have come to a very big milestone in the life of the Micro-Dragon: it was the last day at proto-school today. All the parentals can say is “wow! where did the time go?” We know from the calendar that it’s been exactly 1458 days since the first day of proto-school, when he ignored the […]

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Getting first day of proto-school instructions from The Mom


Can you believe it? It’s the start of another year at proto-school for the Micro-Dragon, and he’s gone from being an Étoile (Star) to an Ourson (bear cub) to a Girafe (giraffe). Let’s just continue using the English spelling of giraffe because it doesn’t trigger the in-line spell check. The parentals are having a little […]

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Happy Birthday Liam! The proto-school's cake


Can you believe it? The Micro-Dragon is three today. We’ve had a full late spring/early summer of lead-up activities to today, including space travel, house guests and a pre-birthday party (which we’ll get to), but today was The Day where we went from two to three. The Big Three. Hard to believe this was him […]

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Strawberry cheesecake


Today is Father’s Day, the one day in the year that the now-defunct MCI identified as as the day with the highest number of collect call traffic out of all days of the year. This is different than Mother’s Day, where there is a run on flowers and the never-ending quest for a brunch spot […]

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The PVC Santa


We’re still in the post-Xmas period before the Gregorian New Year (not the good one). Liam Wallace has spent the weekend thus far treating his maternal grandparents to a donut (hand-choosing flavors) and showing off his dance moves. Unlike previous years, the Parentals actually chatted up Santa and the Micro-Dragon was pretty excited this past […]

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Where are my Pants Guy

Where are my pants?

Sometimes the jokes just write themselves. There was a yet another sombre Danish cinematic release unleashed upon the world earlier this year espousing a cautionary tale of individualism and libertarianism in a world of Scandinavian orthodoxy called… The LEGO Movie. We won’t give away any of the plot details except to say that there is […]

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Liam Wallace's pre-school smilie

New school year

Today was the start of the new scchool year at proto-school for the Micro-Dragon. Same facility, essentially the same crew of 3 girls and 1 other boy that he hung out with last year, but new instructor, new add-ins (1 boy, 1 girl), new room and new name. He finished off his first year as […]

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Liam Wallace with his Graduation Day breakfast

Graduation day

It’s Graduation Day for the Micro-Dragon of sorts as he celebrates his first educational milestone of completing Year One at proto-school. Wow – 360 days really do fly by just like that. This was Liam Wallace on the first day of proto-school as a member of the Étoiles (Stars). Still a little baby fat, hair […]

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TWO! Can you believe it? Two years ago today, the Micro-Dragon introduced himself to the world as a blond, blue-eyed pale pink kid cruising nurses working the overnight shift at the hospital nursery. He was supposed to spend the night doing snoozies in the preemie incubator but the time with the nurses was well, way […]

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I shall return

There is a freaking lot of snow falling for what is apparently a forecast of only 2-4 cm. It’s a challenge because the Mom has her “bad back” (wiggling finger emphasis on the quote marks) and can’t shovel even though there’s something important to do. And what pray tell might that be? After 94 days […]

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