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A chocolate glaze donut

Thirty three

Yes, today be thirty three (months), and we start the Micro-Dragon’s countdown to the Big Three. The parentals asked Liam Wallace what he would like to do to mark the occasion. The answer: “iPad SVP!” (oh well, at least he says “please”). What he eventually decided upon was the following: Yes, that’s right – that’s […]

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Comparison of blueberry and two different raspberries

Golden raspberries

Liam Wallace loves fruit. At the present time, the only foods that might possibly compete with fruit on the accept-o-meter might be delicious ham and perhaps ice cream, though that last one is handicapped by selective acceptance of flavors and manufacturers. But fruit reigns above everything to the point where if it weren’t for the […]

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Those are of course, the opening and ending lyrics to ZZ Top’s “Sharp Dressed Man”, a hit way back in 1983 when the pater was way thinner and actually had hair. Not ZZ Top hair, but hair. There are actually more than a few lyrics missing in-between, but the point of dragging out this now-golden […]

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This is the face of an exasperated one-year-old. Why the consternation? Well, as he’s getting older his ability to verbalize continues to develop and he’s now at a point where he can clearly, repeatedly and contextually use four words. We can feel your puzzlement. What’s the big deal – it’s only four words, right? Well, […]

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Guy thing

This is Liam Wallace doing the genetic guy thing, including a pretty good impression of Andy Serkis and “My Precious” (that would be photo number five).   And this would be Liam Wallace doing the genetic guy thing after being advised that it isn’t his to keep and control forever and ever.

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We think it’s fairly clear by now that the Micro-D’s phenotypic expression leans more heavily towards the maternal genetic contribution than the paternal one, but there is obviously one trait that really throws people especially from a distance. Which is why we’re talking about Gummibär. Gummibär is an unshaven, orange underpants and sneaker-wearing lime green […]

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