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The PVC Santa


We’re still in the post-Xmas period before the Gregorian New Year (not the good one). Liam Wallace has spent the weekend thus far treating his maternal grandparents to a donut (hand-choosing flavors) and showing off his dance moves. Unlike previous years, the Parentals actually chatted up Santa and the Micro-Dragon was pretty excited this past […]

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School party

After months of having to actively avoid the plague vectors his classmates, the Micro-Dragon made a special appearance at proto-school to participate in the school party for It’s-Now-a-Civic-Holiday-Enjoyed-by-All-Denominations-and-Faiths. Pretty good, especially with multi-days of cold cooping him up indoors and preventing even going for a quick jaunt around the block to break the monotony with […]

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Saint Patty’s Day

Ah, today be Lá Fhéile Pádraig, or Saint Patty’s Day, where the Irish and Pictish wannabes around the globe commemorate Saint Patrick using the shamrock as a teaching aid and for banishing the snakes from the Emerald Isle. There’s other stuff too, but there are only two real letters from Saint Patty to go from. […]

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dino ext

The dinosaurs are extinct

Well, the dinosaurs are extinct. Before you ask whether or not I’m suffering from some type of memory loss, yes I do know about the bolide smacking into the Yucatán Peninsula to create the Chicxulub Crater that triggered the mass extinction 65 million years ago. And I know about the Deccan Traps. And yes, there’s […]

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Space monkeys

Well, at the start of the New Year one is supposed to wear new clothes both to have an auspicious start and to show there is good fortune from the past that will continue into the future. Micro-D did that yesterday, with his mom breaking out the Space Monkeys pajamas. Well, they’re monkeys but with […]

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Last outing for the Robot

This week was another milestone of sorts as it was the last outing for the Robot. Robot pajamas that is. I have a thing for robots and I had found a set of robot pajamas that worked so well that I went back to buy a larger set after the micro-D very quickly outgrew the […]

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Liam and Bumbo


A milestone of sorts has been reached as this is the Micro-Dragon’s first time sitting in his yellow Bumbo. Coincidentally, it is also likely the last time he’s likely to wear the bear cub pajamas his maternal grandmother gave him because he’s really sprouted over the past couple of weeks. You can see the matching […]

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