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Year of the Monkey

Happy Lunar New Year! Today is officially the first day of the Year of the Monkey, though more specifically, it’s the Year of the (Fire) Monkey. The big event was of course last night, and everyone congregated at the homestead as having the Eve falling on the weekend meant that there was more effort possible […]

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Year of the Sheep - Liam Wallace and the cake kit

Year of the Sheep

Happy Lunar New Year! Today is officially the first day of the Year of the Sheep, which is also known as the Year of the Goat and the Year of the Ram. There’s some ambiguity as to which delicious ruminant it’s related to as 羊 refers to both sheep and goats. Irrespective, this particular cycle […]

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year greetings from the Micro-Dragon! Solar 2014 kicks off with the pater covered in flour and the Mom with plague or indigestion or both, but apart from a bit of a rough night, the Micro-Dragon’s doing fine. It’s a really nice but chilly day out and the sunlight’s streaming in through the windows […]

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Year of the Snake

新年快樂 ! The Year of the Snake is officially underway and Liam Wallace will be going on 12 years of age before he sees another Year of the Dragon. He dressed appropriately and even allowed his mom to get some sugar before things got underway. This year he rang in the changing of the year […]

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Lunar New Year

新年快樂 ! Today is Lunar New Year’s Eve, the best time of the year because there’s plenty of eating and plenty of lucky money (yeah!). There’s a lot of prep time for me so we took these photos a couple of weeks ago. This is Liam Wallace getting dressed (or trying to) in a traditional […]

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