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Liam Wallace realizing he has to use a keyboard

The year in review

This is the time of the year when all the news shows legitimate or otherwise devote some programming time to the year in review. I guess we can do that here to see the Micro-Dragon’s year in review, especially as it’s Gregorian New Year’s Eve (not the good one). There is a lot of stuff […]

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Breakfast with paternal grandparents

The army of frogs

Well, this was all that was left of the army of frogs created by the Mom today. Why did the Mom recreate the Army of Frogs that was first seen when the Micro-Dragon turned two? We’ll get to that. This lazy summer Sunday started lazily enough, with the Liam Wallace sleeping in until 03:45a (after […]

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Checking AAPL while waiting for breakfast

Ice cream

I scream You scream Who doesn’t scream For ice cream! Well, let’s see – first and foremost, there would the lactose-intolerant. And vegans. And maybe the food truck offering liver and onions that’s trying to compete with the ice cream vendors on a really hot day. They probably wouldn’t be on the ice cream bandwagon […]

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Oh no! I forgot to feel guilty!

Eerily prescient

Liam Wallace’s cat sitting responsibilities came to and end yesterday as his maternal aunt dropped by to bring Gollum and the fish home from vacation. We didn’t mention the fish because they’re goldfish (real ones, not like these) and they go bloop bloop and not much else. How anxious was the meow to go home […]

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