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It really doesn’t feel like 365.25 days have gone by, but the Micro-Dragon turned ONE today. Actually the official time will be 18:06 EST5EDT but we won’t be nitpicky. A year ago at the time this blogpost wast started, the Mom Unit was pleading with the delivery team not to hook her up for induction […]

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Ten months!

Ten Months! The Micro-Dragon is ten whole months today! So how does Liam Wallace live large? He wakes up and starts wiggling at 5:00a EST5EDT to convince his Mom Unit to get up and make an extra-special breakfast of crêpes topped with maple syrup and his favorite Ataúlfo mangos. And she does! Golden color, rather […]

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Using an iPad

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) makes a big deal about how their iDevices are game changers in the market segments they get introduced to, and they’re right because their technology has dramatically changed the landscape as the late iSteve first introduced the world to the iPod, then the iPhone, and most recently the iPad. That latter device […]

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Liam and Mom

Big milestone

A BIG milestone in terms of the cognitive development of the Micro-Dragon. BIG we tells you! One day after he hit Month 9 and after having to endure yet another walkie to get Timbits, Liam Wallace has clearly enunciated his first word: “mama“. And he was proud doing it too, though you can’t tell by […]

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Nine months

The Micro-D officially hit nine months today, meaning that he’s spent more time out than in, though that specific milestone was passed a couple of weeks back. And just how did he spend his big day? Well, there was playing in his command centre, which we hiked up a notch because he’s gotten taller than […]

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Sweet potato

The micro-D is 7 months old as of today, and we’re looking outside at a snowstorm which is touted to bury both Boston and NYC (relative dribbles here in the Big Croissant) and of course gearing up for the Lunar New Year. Today was also the introduction of the next vegetable on the list: sweet […]

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Beta Sweet

The micro-D has actually started on non-moomoo sources for nourishment now, and it’s been just over two weeks since the inaugural bowl of rice cereal. I have that filmed at at one point I’ll put it up. So far, he can eat rice until the moos come home, is somewhat ambivalent towards barley, and looks […]

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Liam Wallace at 6 months

Six months!

Six months! It’s been six months since Liam Wallace decided to come out to greet the world! It only feels like yesterday that it’s 1:40a and I’m being woken up by persistent taps on my forehead to tell me that I can’t go to the Garden State because this kid has decided to come out […]

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