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TWO! Can you believe it? Two years ago today, the Micro-Dragon introduced himself to the world as a blond, blue-eyed pale pink kid cruising nurses working the overnight shift at the hospital nursery. He was supposed to spend the night doing snoozies in the preemie incubator but the time with the nurses was well, way […]

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The Before Party

We are now only a matter of hours away before Liam Wallace officially becomes a toddler, but given that the birthday falls on a weekday, the parentals held the before party so that the family could congregate on the weekend. We let him help choose the theme for this year’s birthday party and he eventually […]

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Months that is. Can you believe it? Twenty months have passed since Liam Wallace first sprang onto the world. His age now starts with a “2”. This would be the Micro-Dragon giving a demonstration of what the paternals should be expecting in perhaps a dozen years when he’ll be asked to do the mundane like […]

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The Year of the Horse is very important for the patrem, but thus far the Year of the Horse is also a year of significant changes for the filium, as he continues to develop language and fine motor skills in leaps and bounds. Plus he’s getting faster. Much faster. As in velociraptor chasing down lumbering brachiosaur faster. […]

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The Micro-Dragon is eighteen today! Months that is. We actually measured him just to see how much he has been growing since it’s evident by looking at him that he changes every day. Weight was easy because it was simply a matter of holding him while stepping on the scale, then stepping on the scale […]

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Visiting Pierre

So remember reading how Liam Wallace came down with a case of numb brain while listening to his pater drone on and on and on about foraging for edible fungi and vegetation in the mountain woods? It happened again when patrem et filium decided to that the road trip to just get out of the […]

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Working on the golf game

Sixteen months! Liam Wallace is officially sixteen months today. He’s been spending the last few days away from proto-school, which hasn’t been a bad thing since he’s avoided the plague carriers that have resulted in the facility being swept multiple ways with gastroenteritis (mmm…). We’re not quite sure if they’re over it, so probably as […]

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Successful launch

You wouldn’t know if from the following photo taken by Mr. Blurrycam, but this is the Micro-Dragon in the arms of his Mom Unit a few minutes after successfully demonstrating unassisted independent bipedal movement. That’s right – Liam Wallace walked for the first time today. And we have witnesses! Just over a metre total distance […]

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He stands! Unassisted! And he claps! Great start and definitely work being put in on the Micro-Dragon’s part to develop his sense of balance. You can see toes at the cuffs which confirm he is standing. The pants themselves aren’t too long but we’ll get to that explanation later. And the cool San Francisco T-shirt […]

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Yes, this blog is still running; it’s just that the parental units are a little slow, eh? Many new blogposts are in prep so please bear with us as we get back into the swing of things. Anyway, today was a significant milestone because it was Liam Wallace’s first day at proto-school (aka daycare). He […]

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