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Buffet Fu Lam

The little red blob in the distance in the following photo of a very grey day on the Big (still-frozen) Croissant is the Buffet Fu Lam. Here is a tight crop just to show that it really is the Buffet Fu Lam. The Patrem doesn’t really have anything against the Buffet Fu Lam but he […]

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Jerry Jerry

“Jerry! Jerry!” is of course the eponymous mating call and chant of the denizens making up the “audience” of the Jerry Springer Show. For the perhaps one or two people who may not know, The Jerry Springer Show is a syndicated television “talk” show hosted by Jerry Springer. You can look him up – he […]

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454 grams

454 grams. Before the 1976 amendment to the Weights and Measures Act, 454 grams was referred to as “one pound” in Canada. There are a lot of things that are sold in preset measures of 454 grams, like Arm and Hammer baking soda, dry pasta, frozen shrimp, beans, coffee, and pancake mix. There’s plenty more […]

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everything about the Micro-Dragon!


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