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Liam Wallace's opinion of the view

Buffet Fu Lam

The little red blob in the distance in the following photo of a very grey day on the Big (still-frozen) Croissant is the Buffet Fu Lam. Here is a tight crop just to show that it really is the Buffet Fu Lam. The Patrem doesn’t really have anything against the Buffet Fu Lam but he […]

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The big green box

So at the Before Party, the Big Green Box made its presence felt as its massive bulk sat tantalizingly close and untouchable. Of course it was also sat on, and sat on pretty uncomfortablely, because underneath the green polka-dot exterior was nothing but unpadded heavy-duty cardboard for Liam Wallace’s buttcheeks during the photo-op that he […]

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Months that is. Can you believe it? Twenty months have passed since Liam Wallace first sprang onto the world. His age now starts with a “2”. This would be the Micro-Dragon giving a demonstration of what the paternals should be expecting in perhaps a dozen years when he’ll be asked to do the mundane like […]

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chaucer valentinus


What did you do to commemorate the Chaucer-created holiday of Valentinus this year? Liam Wallace had a snow day because even though he technically goes to proto-school, there was that big smack of white stuff that hit the Eastern Seabord and the Mom still has issues with her “bad back” (finger wiggle emphasis for the […]

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Space monkeys

Well, at the start of the New Year one is supposed to wear new clothes both to have an auspicious start and to show there is good fortune from the past that will continue into the future. Micro-D did that yesterday, with his mom breaking out the Space Monkeys pajamas. Well, they’re monkeys but with […]

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Liam and Bumbo


A milestone of sorts has been reached as this is the Micro-Dragon’s first time sitting in his yellow Bumbo. Coincidentally, it is also likely the last time he’s likely to wear the bear cub pajamas his maternal grandmother gave him because he’s really sprouted over the past couple of weeks. You can see the matching […]

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