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Liam Wallce waiting for bacon


This would be Liam Wallace with his Saturday morning anime hair sitting patiently with his morning biomoo for delicious bacon. While he looks a bit mangled from yet another cold and some big-league nasal congestion (probably inherited from The Mom – you know, gigantico), he’s surprisingly functional. He’s mentally preparing for his inaugural session on […]

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Giant watermelon


It’s TOO BIG! Like Atomic Blankie! Watermelon covers everything! The Micro-Dragon decided to go out to supervise the parentals’ grocery shopping to ensure that appropriate items were acquired for his enjoyment. We came across an item at one of the local markets which required some hands-on up close and personal inspection. That’s right: a watermelon […]

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30 months and enjoying the morning yogurt


The Micro-Dragon is thirty today! Thirty months that is. We actually measured him just to see how much he has been growing since it’s evident by looking at him that he changes every day. Weight was easy because it was simply a matter of holding him while stepping on the scale, then stepping on the […]

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San Diego Comic-Con International


Comic-Con is a comic book and multi-genre entertainment convention that takes place in San Diego every summer. It started off as a gathering of desperate socially-awkward males some 40+ years ago, but has since morphed into the largest nerdfest gathering in the world outside of the otaku Mecca known as Akihabara (秋葉原). Comic-Con is really […]

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Comparison of blueberry and two different raspberries

Golden raspberries

Liam Wallace loves fruit. At the present time, the only foods that might possibly compete with fruit on the accept-o-meter might be delicious ham and perhaps ice cream, though that last one is handicapped by selective acceptance of flavors and manufacturers. But fruit reigns above everything to the point where if it weren’t for the […]

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It’s back!

No, not the McRib. You wish it were the McRib, that love-it-or-hate-it limited availability McSandwich, with its delicious restructured pork patty (either pork shoulder or hearts, stomachs and tongues depending on who you believe), barbecue sauce, onions, and pickles lovingly ensconced within a 14 cm roll, whose times on sale strangely coincide with those same times […]

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Two blueberries

So this here is a photo of two blueberries. There are two berries and they are both indigo-colored: ergo, two blueberries. Thanks to the time of year, local production is nonexistent and blueberries are currently being imported into the Big Croissant from South America. The initial batch were from Argentina (you know, which used to […]

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Ten months!

Ten Months! The Micro-Dragon is ten whole months today! So how does Liam Wallace live large? He wakes up and starts wiggling at 5:00a EST5EDT to convince his Mom Unit to get up and make an extra-special breakfast of crêpes topped with maple syrup and his favorite Ataúlfo mangos. And she does! Golden color, rather […]

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The special banana method

Instructions Purchase some really nice bananas and let them ripen to a uniform yellow color. Select one banana. Slice banana in half and immediately consume one of the two halves. Place unused half of banana unwrapped on counter or in hanging fruit basket to continue to ripen in open air. Allow banana to slowly oxidize […]

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