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Visiting Pierre

So remember reading how Liam Wallace came down with a case of numb brain while listening to his pater drone on and on and on about foraging for edible fungi and vegetation in the mountain woods? It happened again when patrem et filium decided to that the road trip to just get out of the […]

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No, not Carassius auratus auratus. Liam Wallace has been staying away from proto-school though he did meet up with one of his group by sheer accident over the last weekend (he kept to a safe distance). And while the pater has reinstated morning snoozies in attempt to have the Micro-Dragon conserve energy and recharge brain, […]

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Two blueberries

So this here is a photo of two blueberries. There are two berries and they are both indigo-colored: ergo, two blueberries. Thanks to the time of year, local production is nonexistent and blueberries are currently being imported into the Big Croissant from South America. The initial batch were from Argentina (you know, which used to […]

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Portrait by the Young Man as an Artist

While the blog title is a reference to an Irish literary icon, Liam Wallace is theoretically named after a Scot but the true naming debacle is revealed on the About page. We’re now well into the fourth week at proto-school and the Micro-D’s interactions with his group “Les Étoiles” (The Stars) is actually going swimmingly. […]

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Ginger pork

The Micro-D’s palate continues to develop rapidly as he counts down to ONE, and he’s starting to appreciate texture as well as nuances of mixed foods. Fish and potatoes continue to be problematic but he’s developed a taste for Yogurt Yums, macaroni and cheese, courgettes, meatballs, and ginger. We’re quite impressed at how much he […]

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Eating tofu

Tofu (荳腐) is essentially soybean protein that has been extracted from soy juice and coagulated in manner similar to the way milk protein is coagulated to make cheese. It’s a relatively straightforward process and affords a nutritious high protein food which has the ability to take up the flavors of other ingredients that are cooked […]

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This here is a photo of two pieces of Chilean Sea Bass that have been steamed for 14 minutes. Yes, that’s right – Liam Wallace’s first experience with poisson (that would be fish or 魚) is the Patagonian Toothfish (Dissostichus eleginoides) that on average retails for in and around $69.96/kg. Guilt considerations aside, this fish […]

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Well, an event/milestone of sorts as the Micro-D has had to resort to soymoo (alias commercial soy-based infant formula) because of a temporary interruption in the supply of mom-moo. It’s not like he has never had formula before; right after birth we were hoisting little plastic shot glasses of formula while the mom-moo supply chain […]

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The special banana method

Instructions Purchase some really nice bananas and let them ripen to a uniform yellow color. Select one banana. Slice banana in half and immediately consume one of the two halves. Place unused half of banana unwrapped on counter or in hanging fruit basket to continue to ripen in open air. Allow banana to slowly oxidize […]

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