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Using an iPad

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) makes a big deal about how their iDevices are game changers in the market segments they get introduced to, and they’re right because their technology has dramatically changed the landscape as the late iSteve first introduced the world to the iPod, then the iPhone, and most recently the iPad. That latter device […]

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The special banana method

Instructions Purchase some really nice bananas and let them ripen to a uniform yellow color. Select one banana. Slice banana in half and immediately consume one of the two halves. Place unused half of banana unwrapped on counter or in hanging fruit basket to continue to ripen in open air. Allow banana to slowly oxidize […]

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dino ext

The dinosaurs are extinct

Well, the dinosaurs are extinct. Before you ask whether or not I’m suffering from some type of memory loss, yes I do know about the bolide smacking into the Yucatán Peninsula to create the Chicxulub Crater that triggered the mass extinction 65 million years ago. And I know about the Deccan Traps. And yes, there’s […]

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everything about the Micro-Dragon!


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