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San Diego Comic-Con International


Comic-Con is a comic book and multi-genre entertainment convention that takes place in San Diego every summer. It started off as a gathering of desperate socially-awkward males some 40+ years ago, but has since morphed into the largest nerdfest gathering in the world outside of the otaku Mecca known as Akihabara (秋葉原). Comic-Con is really […]

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Daily financials

Just look at how studious this kid is, as he reviews the morning’s newsfeeds over a glass of biomoo while awaiting breakfast to be served by the parentals. This would be the “AAPL’s doing what now?” as he reviews the daily financials before markets opened. Actually AAPL was bottom-fishing post-split that day, but did end […]

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New shoes

Vivid blue

On the left, Nike Zoom Structure in vivid blue with peach accents. On the right, Nike Free 5.0, also in vivid blue but with black accents. The Micro-Dragon *loves* his new pair of Frees and is now capable of putting on his new shoes (he’s been able to take shoes off for quite a while, […]

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Winter holiday

It’s not exactly like every day hasn’t already been a holiday since the Micro-Dragon stepped away from proto-school to avoid plague, but it’s been officially winter for 10 days or so and he’s still in vacation mode, so winter holiday it is. After delivering the rib rub and playing Stairway to Heaven as a duet, […]

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Piano lessons

Where the pater grew up, there were two types of families: either you were a piano family or you were a violin family, and there really was no grey at all. The pater is from a piano family and he even took lessons, getting all the way up to completing the Royal Conservatory’s eighth grade. […]

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