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100 days

If the calendar is correct, Liam Wallace will now have been in school for 100 days. Today is technically Day 101, but we’ll just call it 100 days, especially as there was a snow day which closed the school for one day last month. More specifically, it was a giant band of freezing rain that […]

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Special family outing

We got the hint at breakfast yesterday that the Micro-D would be really interested (ie. content) if we held a special family outing at the Cosmodome. However, in spite of his valiant efforts including drawing a map to show how to get there, the parentals had something else in mind, so this would be the […]

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Picture Day

Not counting the soft launch in August, we are now fully into the second month of school (!) for the Micro-Dragon. It’s going fast and packed with events. For one thing, we’ve already had a Professional Development Day [aside: there are no less than sixteen PD days over the course of the school year – […]

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Strawberry cheesecake


Today is Father’s Day, the one day in the year that the now-defunct MCI identified as as the day with the highest number of collect call traffic out of all days of the year. This is different than Mother’s Day, where there is a run on flowers and the never-ending quest for a brunch spot […]

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Climbing the mountain of snow

Long Weekend

So what does the Micro-Dragon do on the hump day of a long weekend? That’s right – put on the big boy (snow) pants before going outside in the blizzard to create a ginormous snowman… …climb a mountain of snow, …and then go for a long walk in the deep drifts. It’s choco-avalanche tomorrow.  

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Liam Wallace sharing iPad with Shiva

House guest

The Micro-Dragon is presently taking care of a new house guest for the next little while in the form of Shiva. That would be Shiva, as in the Hindu god known as “The Destroyer” and “The Transformer” but who also subdues the anger of Kali (some of you might remember Kali from The Temple of […]

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Neil Armstrong in Buzz Aldrin's Visor

Waxing Gibbous!

The Micro-Dragon is very interested in the Moon. We are not quite sure why, but he has always been fascinated and reassured by presence of the satellite high in the night sky since, oh birth. There were periods where he would be very agitated because there were weeks-long spans where the Moon wasn’t visible due […]

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Elvis Presley entering the army and getting the haircut 1958


Today is the 37th Anniversary of the passing of Elvis Presley. The Patrem sort-of knows this pretty much every year because August 16 is has been a little weird since Elvis came face-to-face with the Universal Oneness. The Micro-Dragon? He tolerates the Patrem’s eclectic musical tastes in the car, but generally doesn’t care too much […]

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Liam Wallace and Gollum doing morning rubdown

Cat sitting

So, did anyone notice that there was a cat-shaped entity in the background photo of Liam Wallace assessing the golden raspberries and their need for Anita? You did! You did see a meowie because Liam Wallace has been cat sitting his maternal aunt’s brown tabby Gollum. That is “Gollum” as in Sméagol, because that maternal […]

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Testing an ultralight


This can’t possibly be good, especially as Liam Wallace is correcting the Mom’s pronunciation of the word “Lexus”. She’s still wading in otaku while searching for examples of Sonoman grape juice. A couple of years ago, there was an ad campaign running the tagline “Engineered for magic, everyday” where a certain car available in optional […]

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