Summer vacation

Ah, summer vacation! What every school-aged child looks forward to, and what’s always hard to have come to an end. The Micro-Dragon has spent part of his summer vacation at summer camp (Acti-Fun!), and the remaining part helping the Mom with her natal philopatry issues by accompanying her on the annual reverse salmon thing. Lots of time at the beach, bicycle work, and recharging his brain.

What the Patrem remembers from school is that at the beginning of each school year, someone would always insist that students write the obligatory “what I did on summer vacation” treatise to read aloud to kids who really didn’t care. We don’t know if he will have to do that, given that school (Grade 1! already!) only starts tomorrow, but it looks like he’s well rested and more or less ready for it.

A little bit different than his first outing in the suit.

Oh – the 1978 version of Superman starring Christopher Reeves as the titular character? Didn’t go over too well, in part due to the 4 minutes-long opening credits track to start the movie, and Reeves not actually appearing in the film until nearly the one hour mark.


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