This is the “stuff” page, or primarily a list of things that either Liam Wallace himself has tried or the parental units have used in the attempt to keep up with him.

This is not a wish list! Whatever links are provided are there to help you obtain additional information or acquire them for yourselves. Hopefully what’s here will be beneficial to the upbringing and management of say, little Glaze Hedayatpours or other grouplings with new munchkins of their own.


Baby Björn Babysitter Balance

Baby Björn makes some really great highly-rated products and products, like the baby carrier that Liam Wallace’s cousin was strapped into for the better part of a year. The Babysitter Balance is an adjustable lounge chair with an optional wooden toy that’s very comfortable, stable and has that understated elegance that really matches pretty much any internal space.

There’s only one problem: the micro-D doesn’t like sitting in it. Though we have one “I like it” photo of him sitting in the Balance, he was too small when we first attempted it and the current issue is that he’s presently Mr. Active and the chair is made for relaxing. His other cousin likes it though and Liam doesn’t mind sharing.

Company product website:


Bugaboo Cameleon

There really wasn’t any discussion in terms of which stroller we would go with: had to be built like a tank, roll through anything in any weather, be comfortable for the micro-D seating needs, and light and small enough for the mom to be able to load and unload solo. Enter the Bugaboo Cameleon, which was recently updated to the Cameleon3. It folds, it flips, it’s customizable and it looks great and keeps going either in indoor environments, dry pavement and ice and snow. He’s got the blue one but there is a panoply of colors for the tailored fabric kits.

Those with twins (identical, fraternal or Irish) or who have large transport needs can take a peek at Bugaboo’s Donkey, which offers side-by-side seating on an even more robust frame.

[note: we did look at the 4Moms Origami, but it’s not practical for snow and unpaved environments]

Company product website:


Bumbo Baby Seat

This is one of those award winners that have become “must haves”, primarily because it actually does what it’s supposed to do. The spongy form securely locks in the buttcheeks and the form facilitates sitting. Liam Wallace was a little small when we first tried him in it, but it is now the preferred seat for playing with toes or reading his books.

Available in a variety of colors, though his is a delightfully lemony yellow. Make sure to read the safety information.

Company product website:


Evenflo Triple Fun Animal Planet ExerSaucer

The first Xmas gift Liam Wallace received from his parental units, though he spent quite a few minutes wiggling on top of the box before he would let it be opened so that the exersaucer could be assembled.

He initially despised it because he was slightly too small to fit into the seat and reach any of the activity toys, but now it’s become his jungle command centre combo-music mix station and chew toy.

The nice thing about this unit is that it’s transformable so when he becomes too large to fit in it, it becomes an activity centre.

Company product website:


OXO Tot Baby Blocks Freezer Storage Containers

What can we say? OXO Tot makes an excellent modular stackable storage system for portioning and freezing all types of purées. We got the 60 mL / 2 oz variant but a larger version is also available. Dishwasher-safe, microwaveable if you’re into that sort of thing, and more importantly – these babies can be repurposed later on to portion things like demi-glace.

Company product website:


Philips AVENT spout cup

The micro-Dragon loves drinking from this cup, primarily because the handles are sized well enough for him to handle and there is no flow control on the spout so he can do small sips of agua with his meals or go on a juice bender. Dishwasher-safe and has survived several impacts already.

Company product website:


Vita-Mix blender

You don’t want your child seeing you prepare purées with an inferior blender, do you? Chef Amy uses one, and if it’s good enough for a Michelin-trained chef to use, it will be good enough to buzz through your fruit, vegetables and meat preps. Make sure you get good stuff and do your best to make the best preparation possible (food posts here).

We have the 5200-series which has been replaced with the newer Aspire family, but it’s the same 2 bhp motor that’s capable of pulverizing concrete and uses the same BPA-free Eastman Tritan® wet and dry containers. Based on the build quality, this thing will still be around when Liam Wallace wants to make bar drinks.

Company product website:


VTech Kiss & Care Cows

A mommy cow and a baby cow which uses music and lights to teach time of day and nurturing. How? The two moos have little magnets in their respective muzzles which will generate a smooching sound when they touch. The same kiss happens when Liam licks the mommie cow.

The toy is also available in a French variant called the Maman Bisous.

Company product website:



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