Special family outing

We got the hint at breakfast yesterday that the Micro-D would be really interested (ie. content) if we held a special family outing at the Cosmodome.

However, in spite of his valiant efforts including drawing a map to show how to get there, the parentals had something else in mind, so this would be the brief anecdote on how Liam Wallace wound up sitting in the dark.

He’s sitting in the dark wearing his symbols of England sweatshirt and with his bag of Skittles (the red bag) in hand because we’re at the cinema waiting for the start of the matinée showing of Paddington 2. The weird pale blob in the corner of the image isn’t a Class V full roaming vapor or a processing artifact, and is actually some of the Mom’s hair.

This would be the sixth time Liam Wallace has gone to the movies (Finding Dory, Minions 3, LEGO Ninjago, Coco, Ferdinand are 1 through 5) and he’s a very good movie-goer. No talking, no acting up, no fidgeting, and he gets annoyed when other kids in the cinema do those sort of things because it detracts from his film-going experience. He’s happy with the movie and the red bag of Skittles (which he economizes to have some for later). And he knows how to use the projector position to identify the seat that is aligned with the centre of the screen.

Paddington 2 is a nice movie and it certainly deserves its positive critical response. I personally preferred Nicole Kidman in the original Paddington, because as a villain she exudes more evil than Four Weddings Guy (she’s had practice; see also The Golden Compass), but my movie critic opinion is irrelevant to the Micro-Dragon as he approaches it as essentially background noise that’s detracting from the enjoyment of his bag of Skittles.

On the way home while driving past the school to watch the parental candidates hop up and down with their legs slightly crossed, the Micro-D mentioned that he really liked the special family outing to watch Paddington 2, and that he’d like the Mom to make some marmalade at some point in the future.

But a special family outing to the Cosmodome would be nice too.



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