Sixty six

It’s already 2018! And Liam Wallace has hit sixty six! Months!

The Big Croissant is coming out of what has essentially been a month-long deep freeze, with the Micro-Dragon managing to avoid getting freezer burn on his little yellow butt in spite of going outside a few times for activities including showing the maternal grand-parents his direction-finding skills to the park that’s a bit further away than the normal one, and Ferdinand with the Mom.

He’s getting big. This was him earlier today preparing for the restart of school following the holiday break. Monday is gym day (hence the exercise uniform), and he’s been letting the anime hair do that dinosaur crest thing. It’s partially to show off to the Patrem that he has lots.

School has been going well and he’s managed to be comfortable within the minefield that is the wide wide spectrum of typical school populations. The homework is a little too easy for him given that he is already fluent in French (the school is French Immersion), but he enjoys doing what’s handed out to him. He is also starting to read (French and English), and he’s started to practice addition as well, so that grey matter is getting a nice regular work-out.

This year’s annual vertical measurement had him come in at 110.6 cm, which is up 7.1 cm (nearly 3 inches) from last year’s unposted measurement of 103.5 cm, and 13,13 cm from the last time we brought up the Pillar of Destiny. Yow! The parentals were pretty certain he’ll be taller than either one, and he’s certainly working to make that an eventual reality. We are happy to report that part of this is likely related to a recent expansion in consumed foodstuffs, including the Elder Bush’s favorite Brassica oleracea, ravioli (good ravioli), dry-aged beef from the Patrem’s boucher lyonnais, salmon and cashews in addition to the paternal grand-parents curated berry supply.

But you know what’s really stupendous about the Micro-Dragon right now? He helped the Mom shovel snow…


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