We’re still in the post-Xmas period before the Gregorian New Year (not the good one). Liam Wallace has spent the weekend thus far treating his maternal grandparents to a donut (hand-choosing flavors) and showing off his dance moves.

Unlike previous years, the Parentals actually chatted up Santa and the Micro-Dragon was pretty excited this past month over the eventuality of a visit, especially as he’s been watching this film where Santa had to take back the Pole from invading snowmen. Yes, Santa as action hero and not just Jolly Fat Guy with the Big Beard and unending sack of gifts.

As his grasp of complex thought constructs is increasing exponentially on a daily basis, we thought that showing Liam Wallace’s interactions would multi-Santas would also be a good lesson in demonstrating the multiverse hypothesis.

Multiverse Santa number one

The Mom kicked off things by deciding to take Liam Wallace to see this particular iteration of Santa.

Santa at Place Vertu

The Santa Elf Clementine spent a lot of time getting Liam Wallace to look at the camera, but they finally got the shot. No, we don’t know why the image quality is so bad; they did have a fairly good digital camera and decent photo printer. It’s most likely the scan/snap quality to reproduce the print. Or perhaps changes in the laws of physics in that particular multiverse.

Multiverse Santa number two

This would be Liam Wallace and the Patrem back with Clementine and this iteration of Santa.

Santa at Place Vertu Take 2

It’s the same chair, it’s the same Clementine, it’s the same Liam Wallace, but wait – it’s Santa but not Santa. Parallel universe Santa. Multiverse Santa number one looks more like Spock. It’s all in the eyebrows.

Why is Liam Wallace crying? Spending 55 minutes waiting for Santa to feed the reindeer didn’t really help and neither did bumping his head on the giant book as he was watching the gophers play carols. We like to think that he’s just holding onto the Patrem and not actually tightening the scarf.

This universe suffers from the same image quality as multiverse Santa number one’s. We are wondering whether the photographer managed to read the fine, fine manual on how to use the dSLR.

Multiverse Santa number three

Sometimes, Santa isn’t a giant bear of an exemplar of Homo sapiens sapiens. Sometimes he’s just a little bit shorter.

The PVC Santa

This was a prime example of how the multiverse functions. In some parallel worlds, the reality is quite different from what we construe as true and the materials which make up matter and existence are a bit different from our home universe. Case in point: in this plane of reality, Santa is still jolly but he isn’t jolly because he’s fat – he’s jolly because he’s full of air.

Multiverse Santa number four

Proto-school! Honestly, protoschool’s great! They really put on a show and throw a great party, and this year’s was as good as last year’s.

Here’s Protoschool multiverse Santa, the Mom and Liam Wallace.

Santa at Protoschool

Doing pretty good in that photo because it’s protoschool and he has to show his friend that multiverse Santa is more or less okay. This multiverse Santa was judged more okay rather than less okay primarily because of the present.

Santa at Protoschool - now with present

That would be the Mom suggesting to Santa that she could be extra-potato-ey and sleep in over the next couple of weeks, and Liam Wallace being somewhat skeptical of that suggestion.

Multiverse Santa number five

This is called “agonizingly long time” multiverse. Liam Wallace waited patiently in line for to get this shot for his Mom so that she could have a seasonal memento of her little boy.

Santa at Rockland

Did you notice that both the Patrem and Multiverse Santa wear similarly shaped glasses? Coincidence is a possibility, but it’s the way reality rearranges itself in parallel universes with infinite possibilities. The Patrem wasn’t actually supposed to be in the shot, but after such a long wait patient standing in line for his turn with the Red Suit, the little butt was running out of energy and needed the support.

Multiverse Santa number six

And finally, the BIG DAY (or Eve).

Santa's Xmas Eve home visit

Liam Wallace has a boatload of Xmas pajamas. You can tell it’s him because there’s no mistaking that arm (since he and the Mom aren’t delightfully lemony) and the Mom doesn’t let just anyone touch her hair.

This multiverse Santa has had corrective laser surgery and was granted a carrot to promote vision health and also in exchange for the contents of the bag (a most excellent tome recalling the tale of manned space exploration culminating in the confirmation of the existence of space aliens successful exploration of Tranquility by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin).

So, inspite of having only six exemplars, did the Micro-Dragon understand the multiverse and the infinite possibilities of parallel universes as it pertains to cosmology, physics and the perception of reality? You bet. Because it was the best Xmas ever. Until the next one that is.


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