Portrait by the Young Man as an Artist

While the blog title is a reference to an Irish literary icon, Liam Wallace is theoretically named after a Scot but the true naming debacle is revealed on the About page.

We’re now well into the fourth week at proto-school and the Micro-D’s interactions with his group “Les Étoiles” (The Stars) is actually going swimmingly. Yes, the parentals did realize very quickly that he has been around adults more than with other children, but it does show in that he continues to be the most active in his group and leads them in activities or plays solo. He did give up using the others as furniture so those social skills with others close to his own age are developing well.

This is actually not a photo of him at proto-school, rather this is at home sitting next to his dragon and his Bumbo and the original playmat that transformed into singing cube with built-in accelerometer. And no, he’s not being punished – he’s playing with a toy tomato he received as a birthday present and talking out what he wants to do as a next step. Saggy pants look again.

Liam Wallace with tomato

The parentals’ primary concern still remains over school lunch because he doesn’t consistently eat. Morning and afternoon snacks yes, but not lunch. The proto-school has a dedicated chef who cooks all the meals (no pre-made) and the menus are actually pretty good so we are not certain what triggers him to eat and what turns him off.

The maternal grandmother suggested that he might not be used to the food because the parentals make “fancier” stuff when he’s at home. Interesting theory, but based on empirical observations not necessarily the case either. Here’s a example why: this is a seared U10 scallop with quinoa and sautéed yellow courgette recently served to Liam Wallace for dinner.

Uneaten scallop dinner

See the cube of courgette right at the bottom of the photo? That’s all he ate. Definitely keeps the pater humble especially as the eventual tub of Minigo after the courgette cube was a big hit.

However, apart from the meals, Liam Wallace is having a nice time learning new things like songs and story-time, stroller walks through the ‘hood and the actual subject of this blogpost: painting.

Or rather finger painting and paint eating.

Apparently all kids eat the paint but he’s had a really good time expressing his creative side. The oeuvres d’art from les Étoiles were all hung on the wall for the parents to see and we’ll apparently get to bring the works home for framing and so forth. Very interesting to see each child’s interpretation, with the Micro-D’s own expression found on the upper right.

Galerie Les Étoiles

And the following image is the inaugural portrait by the young man as an artist. You may click on it to zoom the image for a better look.

Liam Wallace's first painting

Notice that he focused on the fire colors of red and yellow and that there’s a bit of dimensionality to the painting (see blob of yellow, upper right) – the pater is hoping that it’s because it’s for the vibrancy and the joie de vivre and not that he’s interpreting his Mom’s favorite hobby.

If one squints a little, one can make out an image of Beowulf jumping the wall of fire to save Brunhilde, Clinton’s head, an angry Chip (of Chip and Dale) and a mechanical dog. Pater does need new glasses, but that’s beside the point – use your imagination.

Anyway, piano is already on the list (because the pater is from a piano family and not a violin family) and we’ve got a teacher already lined up for him, but if he likes art and creating with paint, we’ll ask if he can do a stage with a bona fide artiste when he’s a bit older.

And if you have read this far and still want that semi-autobiographical novel by the Irish guy, click here.

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