Pony Express

What does the Micro-Dragon do to wish his mother a happy birthday?

Invite her as his guest to the proto-school’s annual barbecue, that’s what. So this is Mother and Son at the event, with a bunch of other kids and their associated parentals milling about in the background. One can see that the Mom’s really excited to be getting out, while he’s just ready for more action.

Protoschool BBQ

So after a little bit of play and loading up on some energy with the requisite meal of hambaagu and tube steaks (and a cupcake), it was time for Liam Wallace to get serious and gear up for some daredevil action. Slide? Bubble Machine? Giant blow-up kid cage? Nope – trick riding à la Pony Express. We need a horse for that, and the proto-school conveniently provided ponies.

This would be them inspecting the selected equine. Seems like a sturdy beast, not too tall so that Mom can walk comfortably alongside, and a nice dry saddle because you know, some of those other kids get scared and don’t have really good control over that tenth cranial nerve. Makes you think about the Hobbit, doesn’t it. They had ponies too.

Inspecting the pony

Riding demonstration underway with the Micro-D holding onto the pommel and one rein. That would be the Mom being a little anxious since this is his first-ever ride.

Riding the pony

This would be him telling his Mom not to hang on so tight because he’s gotten the hang of riding the horse already. Needs to look cool in front of the school.

Riding the pony

The pony is soft and furry to the touch confirming that horses are mammals and not hydrogen-powered vehicles. Of course, not being the latter means they don’t produce dihydrogen monoxide as an end product from the back end.

Why is that being mentioned? You may have noticed the arms-length technique being used by the Mom – it provides riding stability for the Micro-D while still providing her with the opportunity to sidestep the eventual uh “pony exhaust”.

And the kid in the back eating the hot dog? His father supplies the ponies. We don’t know who the fellow in the black jacket is.

Pony furry

14 months and already feeling the need for speed: this is Liam Wallace encouraging the pony to go faster. Notice the shift in saddle stance – ready for gallop even though his monkey Robies don’t even touch the stirrups. Yep – trying to be the incarnation of the Ringo Kid.

At the same time, the Mom is trying to keep up while clog-dancing around the mounds of pony poo (this is one of the reasons why the pater takes most of the photos). It’s not that the ponies are walking that fast, it’s that there are four of them so there’s a somewhat complicated step process in certain areas of the track.


Yay horse! Liam Wallace having a great go-around. Mom continuing clog dancing. Kid in background having another tube steak.

Yay horse

Starting to do saddle tricks – this would be “only one hand on the pommel” technique and smiling while he’s doing it.

Fearless in the saddle

And this is Dr. Fearless laughing and wanting his mount to keep going.


The Pony Express adventure went on for a bit longer and the Mom survived the adventure without mangling shoes or sprouting some grey from the kid daredevil antics.

And Liam Wallace really did get noticed for being fearless, which is good in a sense and very worrying in another. Incredibly worrying especially if he wants to ride an oliphaunt. He did at least like the horse, so a cowboy might be a costume possibility for Hallowe’en, though we’re not sure if he wants to dress up like Clayton Moore or John Wayne (pater’s rooting for Wayne).



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  1. Nadine September 17, 2013 at 10:59 pm #

    This birthday is one of the best I’ve ever had! We were all happy…nothing can be better! I love you both!


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