Plague vectors

And so it begins: the Micro-D has officially acquired his first immunologic challenge from proto-school. D*mn plague vectors playmates who bring in germs and don’t know how to wipe themselves. This pater is personally singling out V*ctoria for her inability to get out of the way when someone is sneezing on her.

 Protoschool cold

For a kid who has a cold, he’s actually doing okay. The disheveled hair is from not wanting to comb it after his last bath (it adds to the overall impression of height), and the white goo around his mouth is actually some bi-flavor Minigo DUO as evidenced by him holding the container. In an attempt at responsibility, we at least wiped away the overflowing rivulet of nasal mucus before taking the photo, but you can clearly see the flushed complexion and the bags underneath the eyes.

So what’s next? Well, while the pater initially toyed with the idea, revenge has been shelved and we’ll just keep chasing after him to wipe him down. There is the very likely possibility that Liam Wallace’s paternal grandfather will again individually assess multiple oranges to assess which individual orange demonstrates the quality level he deems worthy enough for inclusion in the grandson’s freshly-squeezed juice.


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