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Not counting the soft launch in August, we are now fully into the second month of school (!) for the Micro-Dragon. It’s going fast and packed with events. For one thing, we’ve already had a Professional Development Day [aside: there are no less than sixteen PD days over the course of the school year – back when I was in school, we had a whole two], the Terry Fox Run, and we’re gearing up for a variety of fundraising events. No, we’re not going door-to-door to sell the chocolate bars; we just bought them so there will be a lucky few at Halloween who will receive full-size bars.

And unlike some of the others who shall remain unidentified, the Micro-D is also confirmed cootie-free.

Want to know something that I don’t remember? Picture Day. I actually do remember school pictures and I have one of myself in a shirt with really really long point collars, but I don’t remember Picture Day being that early in the year. His was in the second full week, with the request to be in full school uniform so that the class picture would look good.

Picture Day has really changed since the Patrem’s time in school. For one thing, there are digital cameras, meaning that there’s actually the possibility of getting a good photo over multiple exposures with corrections via post-processing, as opposed to the very real risk that the one and only FILM exposure taken by the photographer captured the essence of “goober” for that particular year.

During his last year of proto-school, the CPE got a new photographer who was really good and took some of the best photos of the Micro-D we have. We’re pretty curious about how the school handles this.

Anyway, Liam was really, really excited for Picture Day because apart from being the first time he would wear his full uniform, he asked the Mom to put styling gel in his hair so that he would have that cool tousled “just so” anime hair.

We managed to get him to hold still long enough to snap a couple of quick photos before walking (!) to school.

I am quite happy with these because apart from being snapped with a not-so-current iDevice, he’s smiling spontaneously, and the light and shadow interplay are there to good effect. He looks really grown up in uniform though. While the hair’s now chestnut with the odd auburn highlight in the sun, he’s still pale pink. And he smiles like the Mom did when she was a kid.

Now for the six to eight weeks before the school proofs come, and we get to choose how many wallet size ones we really need vs all the other sizes.

On a somewhat related note, the Mom got to go to Meet the Teacher night, to have a chat with Mme Catherine. The kids had a surprise for the day, as the Mom discovered that Number One Son had drawn a self-portrait to put on the wall as part of the prep for Meet the Teacher.

This is it.

We’re probably going to frame it once it comes home.

In addition, there was a second self-portrait for the student folder Mme Catherine distributed to each parent. That would be this one.

We’re actually pretty impressed because his writing and drawing/coloring skills have improved dramatically since the beginning of summer, especially as he is a southpaw and neither parental has been able to successfully show him how to hold a pencil or a crayon (overly-dominant right-handedness means we’re clumsy translating to the opposing hand).

What’s particularly interesting is that when the Mom got home from Meet the Teacher night, he told her said that he drew the pictures to show everyone that he looks like the Patrem.


That’s one  of those “you never forget that” moments.

As I  look at his two self-portraits, I can tell that he is a very kind-hearted child, because well, he drew hair…


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  1. Marc October 3, 2017 at 12:39 am #

    Very nice « you never forget that » moment indeed. Plus the MD is actually right, he does look like the Patrem!

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