Sweet potato

The micro-D is 7 months old as of today, and we’re looking outside at a snowstorm which is touted to bury both Boston and NYC (relative dribbles here in the Big Croissant) and of course gearing up for the Lunar New Year. Today was also the introduction of the next vegetable on the list: sweet […]

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Beta Sweet

The micro-D has actually started on non-moomoo sources for nourishment now, and it’s been just over two weeks since the inaugural bowl of rice cereal. I have that filmed at at one point I’ll put it up. So far, he can eat rice until the moos come home, is somewhat ambivalent towards barley, and looks […]

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Liam Wallace's impression of Burns Night

Burns Night

Today is Robbie Burns‘ birthday aka Rabbie Burns Day. Rabbie Burns Day also means the annual Burns Night where we dress in our clan tartan and recite Burns’ poetry over a feast of haggis with neeps and tatties and wee drams of Scotch whiskey in celebration of our Scots heritage. Based on the expression, I […]

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Last outing for the Robot

This week was another milestone of sorts as it was the last outing for the Robot. Robot pajamas that is. I have a thing for robots and I had found a set of robot pajamas that worked so well that I went back to buy a larger set after the micro-D very quickly outgrew the […]

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Liam Wallace at 6 months

Six months!

Six months! It’s been six months since Liam Wallace decided to come out to greet the world! It only feels like yesterday that it’s 1:40a and I’m being woken up by persistent taps on my forehead to tell me that I can’t go to the Garden State because this kid has decided to come out […]

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Liam waiting for a snack

XMas 2012 photos

So Xmas 2012 wasn’t all about white meat; there were lots of family and friends (of the parental units) with only a single branch missing from both sides of the family. I’m still trying to collect photos but I did receive a nice set of snaps from my pal Mo (you get to call her […]

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hey! cut that out!

First Xmas

Well, the first Xmas passed more or less without hiccups, and while I seriously doubt that the micro-D will remember it, we at least have photos to show him when he’s older. There will be other photos of him with some of the things he was showered with and I’ve got to get the photos […]

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Liam and Bumbo


A milestone of sorts has been reached as this is the Micro-Dragon’s first time sitting in his yellow Bumbo. Coincidentally, it is also likely the last time he’s likely to wear the bear cub pajamas his maternal grandmother gave him because he’s really sprouted over the past couple of weeks. You can see the matching […]

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The Butterfly

Hello world!

Hello World! We’re online! This is Butterfly. The website of the Micro-Dragon is now operational and when he gets to the point where he can actually write, the little guy will put up posts of his own. It will be a while though, so until then it will be posting by proxy. Come on by […]

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