It really doesn’t feel like 365.25 days have gone by, but the Micro-Dragon turned ONE today.

Actually the official time will be 18:06 EST5EDT but we won’t be nitpicky. A year ago at the time this blogpost wast started, the Mom Unit was pleading with the delivery team not to hook her up for induction while the pater was slumped unconscious in a chair. Some agony, some vomiting and a whole lot of endorphins later, the Micro-D managed to make his way out to a stunned pater who didn’t have a name ready for him (you may read about the naming ordeal here).

So what does one do to celebrate the first birthday? Well he woke up at exactly the same time that he poked his Mom 365.25 days ago to say “I want out”, and then proceeded to fall back asleep for another couple of hours. Then he convinced the parentals to take him to breakfast at a local eatery.

This would be him reviewing menu options with his Mom. We don’t know who the fellow in the background is, but he used a lot of syrup on whatever it was he ate.


This would be Liam Wallace going to town on the breakfast banana. He supplemented that with eggs, crepe, strawberry and peach smoothie to get the edge off. No coffee though.


Then home to discover and personally inspect the chair and bear combination. We’re wondering if the Micro-D will call him Steve.


Of course, checking out the carpenter’s workmanship to make sure the easy-folding mechanism was up to spec (it was approved).


And then to closely evaluate the Gund bear: mmm… it tastes like fuzzy.


After all that effort, a little solo quality time channeling Marilyn Monroe by cooling off over the vent.


Following a hearty lunch, the festivities continued with the unwrapping of the small mountain of gifts.


Unwrapping also included individual tastings just to be sure.


 Then the big event: quality time with a specially-acquired Gummibär made of Rice Crispies and choco-vanilla marbré cake. We do have photos and video of what happened to Gummibär (eek) but in this particular photo, one sees Liam Wallace eating a nose.


 And working on head. And arm. The nose is on the plate.


Banging on his plate to say that he’s finished.


And what happens when one eats the tasty bits of a Gummibär?

That’s right: sugar coma.


 But after waking up from his caloric stupor and having all the stickiness washed off, it was time to take his Mom Unit out for a walk. Or at least to motorize his Cameleon.


More stuff later. We’ll have to see exactly how he processes all that Gummi goodness but the first birthday seems to have been a success for the little guy.

Postscript: at 18:06 his Mom was crying her eyes out. One year old! One year old!

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