New school year

Today was the start of the new scchool year at proto-school for the Micro-Dragon. Same facility, essentially the same crew of 3 girls and 1 other boy that he hung out with last year, but new instructor, new add-ins (1 boy, 1 girl), new room and new name. He finished off his first year as a member of Les Étoiles (the Stars), and starts off the new school year as a member of Les Oursons (bear cubs).

Odd – the Patrem used to be a cub too back in scouts. Must be a coinkidink.

We spent the entire weekend gearing up for this – lots of attempts to sleep, walking, running, eating, hydrating, acknowledging his cousin’s birthday with hazelnut choco-spread and so forth.

The sleep was the least successful as there was a lot of fidgeting, but eating went remarkably well. Saturday evening demonstration that he will eat at least the crunchy bits of a home-made Vietnamese Imperial roll, and Sunday doing double portions of rotini (40 pieces) with all the meaty bits from the ragú.

We received a bonus from Mme. C, who brought pastries to share between the Patrem et Filium.

This is sharing the tart – Liam Wallace savoring a delicious raspberry from the tart topping and the Patrem watching Liam Wallace savoring the delicious raspberry from the tart topping. See? Equal.

Fruit tart with delicious raspberry

It was worth not getting any of the tart because of this:

Fruit tart with delicious almond paste

Isn’t it great to be at an age where new discoveries just put a big smile on your face. That would be Liam Wallace discovering that the almond paste inside the pastry shell is not only edible but tasty.  Just a nice way to finish off the day with adequate energy reserves for the coming start of the new school year.

And those energy reserves would be needed because this is the Micro-Dragon dressed and ready to go.

Dressed yes. Full? No. Multiple breakfast options, not a whole lot consumed. He is standing, though the not paying attention part is due to BabyTV and not lack of breakfast.

The pre-school pose

And smiling for the camera after the Mom asked him too. And just like last year, the result was interesting to say the very least. He is smiling though the rest of him isn’t quite facing the camera.

The official pre-school smile

Attempt number two at smiling for the camera before first day of proto-school. We can’t say he didn’t do as he was asked, primarily because we forgot to specify what type of smile we would have liked for the photograph.

Liam Wallace's pre-school smilie

The drive to proto-school was more or less uneventful, though the loose shielding made for a noisy cabin to eat Cheerios and finish off the morning biomoo.

Driving to proto-school

In to school at the same time as one of the classmates who was not having a good morning, meeting the new instructor and impressing her with already knowing her name, then off to start the morning outside in the play area.

Fast-forward 8 hours.

The Patrem comes back to pick up the Filium after the heat shield had been dealt with. There will be a quieter return commute.

A photo of the Micro-Dragon’s new locker/cubby-hole.

The new locker

And a photo of the Micro-Dragon in front of his new locker/cubby-hole. There’s something already wrong here but the Patrem doesn’t pick it up.

Posing in front of new locker

Refreshing ice water to beat the heat and humidity of the first day of the new school year before heading home.

Refreshing ice water

So how exactly was the first day of the new school school year?

Surprisingly enough, pretty uneventful. Liam Wallace played, helped out his new instructor, interacted well with the group and had two servings of fish for lunch.

[insert parental WTF? moment here]

Two servings of fish for lunch? With potato?

That unpossible.

But there it was in the new development diary. Two portions of morning snack, two portions of fish and potato for lunch, two portions of strawberry for snack.

We hurriedly change the evening menu plan to do a fish rechallenge. There’s the meal. it has fish. He reaches for… not fish.

Gimme a F!

Gimme an A!

Gimme an I!

Gimme a L!

Can you spell F-A-I-L? We sure can. fail! fail! fail!

He ate the other stuff that was initially planned for dinner. Oh well, we guess he doesn’t do more than one show a day.

And what was the problem that the Patrem didn’t pick up while picking up the offspring? The sandals. Somehow after afternoon nap time (on new futon thing to boot), the instructor put on someone else’s shoes. We used extra soap to wash his feet.


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