Last Day

We have come to a very big milestone in the life of the Micro-Dragon: it was the last day at proto-school today.

All the parentals can say is “wow! where did the time go?”

We know from the calendar that it’s been exactly 1458 days since the first day of proto-school, when he ignored the existence of the parentals, used his classmates as furniture, and demonstrated emesis, and well, the other way with the class caterpillar.

This is him 208.29 weeks ago, exploring his new classroom:

And this was him entering the building on the last day earlier today:

Same blue. Different shirts.

In the intervening 34,992 hours he’s been part of:

2013 – 2014
Étoiles (Stars)

2014 – 2015
Oursons (Bear Cubs)

2015 – 2016

2016 – 2017
Grenouilles (Frogs)

Well, that last one started off amphibious but became amalgamated with Dolphins to be Grenolphins (really big group).

A lot has changed in the intervening time. In the end, it’s still the same kid, but his hair’s darker, and he’s way, way taller, and he learned to walk and he stopped outputting horrors. He also got a chance to ride ponies, drive this little car around, learned to paint, and even made peace with Santa. Sort of. And of course his personal favorite – weaponizing all the little minor colds and upper respiratory infections he caught from the other kids to make sure that it was extra-virulent before passaging it onto the Patrem. And both the Mom and I received gifts,he made in class, which we have kept preciously (right after the Mom finished crying her eyes out).

On the last day, the group decided they weren’t going to do afternoon naps, so there was a lot of playing and creating special headgear to let the other groups and educators know what was going on:

It’s apparently a secret as to what else they did today, but it finally did finish, and just like that, 2,099,520 minutes passed like nothing and the last day at proto-school is finished. He even decided to wear his inside shoes outside, given that’s about as rebellious as he could get with the materials on hand.

We think that he’s had a lot of fun over the 125,971,200 seconds that he spent in proto-school, and a big part of what he is able to do came from his interactions with the staff and educators. So a very special thank you to Karen, Lyne, Angie, Margarita, Sabrina, Basela, Mélanie, Ines, Froogh, Karen, Hanan, Jennifer, Cynthia, Cesar and the rest of the staff for watching over the Micro-Dragon. We appreciate everything you’ve done.


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