Not a lesson for the Micro-Dragon, but for the pater.

We have been playing around with expanding the palate and list of accessible foodstuffs while he’s currently still away from proto-school. Seeing as it’s the start of a new calendar year (and winter), part of it also has to do with decreasing the delicious ham and increasing the nutritive content from an expanded and varied range to really bolster the immune system and ensure that the growth activity is as “on” as possible. Plus those South American blueberries are really pricey with quality all over the map thanks to the inclement weather.

Some interesting successes with avocado and corn making it back onto the palatable list after months banished to the wilderness, a woohoo! moment when he actually ate steamed white rice not once but two nights in a row, and a big surprise in downing several forkfuls of sous-vide “roast” prime rib.

I have generally good culinary skills and have occasionally put out some visually stunning plates every so often. However, there is nothing quite like Liam Wallace making little choking barfing noises as he projectile spits the latest seared scallop across the table to let me know exactly what he thought of the protein component of tonight’s dinner.

Technically I can put out something extraordinary, but at this latest exercise in humility and hubris demonstrates, ultimately food needs to taste good to the eater. A sage lesson for any parent or individual attempting to cook for the ankle-biter set to keep front and centre.


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