House guest

The Micro-Dragon is presently taking care of a new house guest for the next little while in the form of Shiva.

The Official Liam and Shiva Photo

That would be Shiva, as in the Hindu god known as “The Destroyer” and “The Transformer” but who also subdues the anger of Kali (some of you might remember Kali from The Temple of Doom – it’s the same Kali). The meowie named Shiva actually does subdue one of the parental cousins, in the sense that the cousin doesn’t do death-defying and other things when the meowie is around.

The first photo? It’s actually the first-ever time that Liam Wallace has gone to stand and pose for a photo when asked. He didn’t move and looked directly at the camera until the shot was taken. The parentals were impressed.

This would be the Micro-Dragon checking the cat to see that she didn’t have anything sticking to her as she left the transport.

Checking the underbelly

Is he happy that he’s got the responsibility to watch over his cousins’ meowie? We think so. He is responsible for providing her with dry food, fur massages and some light exercise.

Liam Wallace and Shiva

This would be the two of them sharing a “coffee”. Interesting, as he can’t have any until he’s eighteen and she can’t have coffee period.

The Kid and The Meowie sharing a "coffee"

The morning’s discourse to see how she’s been sleeping. And her breakfast order as well while he’s asking.

The morning discourse and breakfast order

And the ultimate proof that he’s enjoying the responsibility? Sharing the iPad.

Liam Wallace sharing iPad with Shiva

So how does the Micro-Dragon stack up to the paternal cousins in terms of cat responsibility? Slightly differently than when he was watching the maternal cousins’ meowie last year.


Table. Cat activities – daily routine vs vacation

Criterion Home Vacation Advantage
Children two, alternately ignoring her or playing with her when not otherwise engaged one Micro-Dragon massaging fur and cat butt vacation
(butt massages)
AC/Heating ? central system
Sunbathing variable 45% window; sunlight > 11 hours/day vacation
(often found snoozing in sun)
Outside walks no no equivalent
Scooping ? nightly undetermined
Litter change ? 4-5 day interval undetermined
Water service ? twice daily undetermined
Meals morning and evening bowl of canned food, morning and evening dry food, occasional access to meal items dropped by children morning and evening bowl of canned food, morning and evening dry food hand-curated by Micro-D undetermined
Snacks undetermined Patrem’s dormant ginger plant vacation
Entertainment two children, owner, cat toys, designated scratching areas Micro-Dragon, BabyTV, Wallace and Gromit, iPad, Patrem providing tummy rubs undetermined
Sleeping arrangement beds, humans beds, humans equivalent
Dedicated pillow ? the Mom undetermined


Of course, there’s really no real way to tell whether Shiva is noticing the differences or enjoying the vacation because as far as we can tell, she doesn’t speak human and lacks the opposable thumbs to write out an answer.

Still, sharing iPad…


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