Happy 2016!

Happy 2016! Liam Wallace kicked off the Gregorian new year a little pale from all the activities, though it was more from partying with his friend Dave pretty much all night and all day. Sort of this pale:

The Micro-D with the giant phone

This was taken a couple of weeks ago and not on NYE but the coloration’s about the same. We’re also getting premonitions of Micro-D of futures past, as this is most likely the short pint variant of what we’ll see around 2025.

The paternals are a little grey today as well, though surprisingly it’s not from festivities but rather more from cleaning from the aftermath of activities. Even more surprisingly it was the Mom who wasn’t comatose this go-around.

So what’s in store for the Micro-Dragon in 2016? The sky’s the limit as there’s already skiing, skating, bicycle, e-jeep and multi-ball planned, but there’s definitely potatoes on the agenda. But it’s not because he loves fries or that he wants to celebrate that part of the Mom’s cultural/genetic heritage (the paternal grandpapa who secretly adore allium in all shapes and forms had previously confirmed a genetic infusion into the familial bloodline from the Potato Famine).

Nope. The Patrem and Filium  took a little break from Minions to watch about half of The Martian. We will plan to grow at least two plants (probably a Franceline and a Yukon as we still have some from Fanny) but we will certainly be doing it the traditional way rather than the Watney method.

Did I mention that the number one blogpost still remains discussion around one pound? Do we really need to make that even more popular for the sake of Solanum?


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