It’s one of the best “holidays” for kids that doesn’t involve closing school because what could be better than running around having people give you candy?

Micro-Dragon wasn’t in proto-school and didn’t do any of the prescribed activities, which is probably a good thing in the grand scheme of things since the others in his group are presently extra-virulent and the parents need a break from the onslaught of infection. Rather, he spent most of the day with the pater attempting to conserve energy, or at least pretending to.

Chances are that you’ve managed to see at least one episode of CSI, given that the original Vegas version is now well into its 14th season and there are 19 combined seasons from its two spin-offs. The following photo sequence is him doing his best CSI impression in an attempt to convince the slow-moving father that he’s already completed snoozies and doesn’t have to go up to his room for a real nap.

This would be “are you paying attention? because I really don’t want to repeat myself.”


This is “see? I’m really asleep already. really.”


And this is “well, nap is done – I really don’t need another one in the room. seriously.”


That middle photo in of itself is particularly convincing, except that he wiggles his little butt as he’s doing it and he never quite lets go of either the bottle of biomoo or his Spoon of Power throughout the entire endeavor.

But, once nap really was over and the two portions of fresh-squeezed orange juice made from hand-selected citrus were consumed, the Halloween thing did go on with a visit to the grandparents’ homestead. This would be the ceremonial hand-packed bag of candy; you can see the very faint outline of a Coffee Crisp bar inside but there was a lot more to go with it.

Halloween Candy

As for the costume, it was hard to top last year’s Kid of Steel. This is a photo of Liam Wallace’s first Halloween dressed in his Superman uniform and cape with color-coded hat to keep brain warm while tries to fly around the northern ‘burbs. Difficult to do with the pater being an anchor, and he expended too much energy and needed a top-up with Mom later.


This year it was a full-body dragon costume complete with tail and toenails on all four paws. Pretty big increase in size in the span of a year (we’re referring to kid).




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