Groundhog Day

Yes, I know that Groundhog Day is every February 2nd, and today is February 4. I also know that for those in the Apple ecosystem, the 4K/DolbyVision rerelease of Groundhog Day is currently selling on Canadian iTunes for a limited time at CAD$ 7.99, which is a pretty good price for a 4K film. Even better given that American iTunes is selling the same film at USD$ 9.99 (55% more south of the 49th).

I am waxing poetic about Marmota monax because it happens to be a year today since I camped out to register the Micro-Dragon for school (just read the top part). And in an allusion to Groundhog Day, I had this odd, likely schadenfreude-related compunction to walk over to the school to see if anyone would show up to re-enact what I did.

A year ago, I showed up at the school steps at 08:51 and found myself to be the first in line. I certainly didn’t do this part again; rather, we took the Micro-D for breakfast.

That’s obviously the Mom sitting behind him. The interest in space is still evident in his creative drawing, because this is a maze map between the breakfast restaurant and the Cosmodome. That’s apparently a subtle hint for a special family outing.

Anyhoo, this is me post-breakfast at around 13:11; I’m more lightly dressed this go-around because it’s around the freezing point.

The fellow sitting down behind my right shoulder is apparently the first one in line this year, and he showed up just after 07:00. So wow, much earlier this year.

The group photo of this year’s registration hopefuls:

Again, wow. From chatting with them, at the time of the photos, their list had a whole nine people, whereas last year we were into the double-digits before 10:00. That’s confidence this go-around. I know that there are around 120 slots available for kindergarten but siblings get dibs, and the school doesn’t disclose how many siblings have already registered, so that’s why there’s the annual camping ritual. Apparently the others are missing because they’ve gone for a Tim’s run.

The temperature is projected to go from just below freezing to eventually drop to about -8ºC (17.6ºF for the imperial types) overnight, which is what it was at the beginning of last year’s ordeal character-building exercise outdoor camping experience. That’s going to be comfortable for them since it won’t go down to -20ºC (-4ºF) like last year. Even better, the wind won’t be anywhere near the 40 km/h it whipped up to (only about 30 km/h overnight tonight). Good for them.

But notice the little white flecks in the photos? It’s not because the lens is dirty, or that I’m standing in a cloud of lint, or in the misfortune of being downwind of someone’s seborreaic blowback – it’s snowing.

-8ºC with 30 km/h winds is definitely more tolerable than -20ºC with 40 km/h winds, except that unlike last year, the relative humidity this go is 86%. That means that this year’s crop of contestants get that nice damp cold that the Big Croissant is renowned for. Mmm… that’s going to be comfy.

We drove by the school late in the day after a special family outing and noticed that the parents were huddled around something (I think it was a tablet streaming what has been described to me as “The Big Game”, whatever that is), and doing everything I warned people not to do last year to beat back the cold: consuming high-sugar foods (ie. donuts), and drinking copious quantities of coffee and booze.

There’s potentially going to be a lot of yellow snow around the school tomorrow.



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