Graduation day

It’s Graduation Day for the Micro-Dragon of sorts as he celebrates his first educational milestone of completing Year One at proto-school. Wow – 360 days really do fly by just like that.

This was Liam Wallace on the first day of proto-school as a member of the Étoiles (Stars).

Liam Wallace on the first day of proto-school and ready to roll

Still a little baby fat, hair properly combed (after some effort by the Mom), and properly dressed. Looks pretty eager doesn’t he?

In spite of that little bit of learning interruptus between late October and January, it has been an epic year at proto-school because he’s gone from quadruped locomotion (that would be “crawling“)and a vocabulary of four words (Mom, apple, Apu [as in Nahasapeemapetilon] and up) to variable-speed-though-it-always-seems-to-be-running bipedal movement and a speaking vocabulary in the hundreds of words in five separate languages. Plus there’s the singing. And art. And dance class. And when he does comb his hair, he combs it in the opposite direction, though he generally leaves it like anime hair just in case there’s a giant robot waiting somewhere for its child pilot to get in and initiate mayhem.

Breakfast on Graduation Day started with a big glass of biomoo (in a glass), a hazelnut choco-spread waffle, banana and goji berries. He’s really changed in 360 days, hasn’t he?

Liam Wallace with his Graduation Day breakfast

Those would be the goji berries in that red drink (more on those in a future post).

Those smudgies along his right jaw? Those aren’t sideburns – he’s still too young to grow Elvis sideburns. It was the choco-spread. He really likes the stuff, though we believe he prefers his choco-spread unadulterated because the waffle upon which it was sitting was untouched and the accompanying banana had one bite mark in the middle.

After successfully wiping off the choco-spread munchies, the parentals finally got the collective act together to take a Graduation Day family selfie.

The Graduation Day family photo

Pretty good: everyone facing the same way, we’re all more or less looking at the camera, and we seem to be in focus. The colors are even complementary.

Phenotypically, one can see how strong that paternal genetic contribution is as he continues to be pale pink and have hair à la Mom (the presence of hair, not that she too has anime hair though we guess she could if she wanted to even if there was no robot for mayhem).

The Patrem reminded the Filium that today would be his last chance at oh, a massive thunderpoopie at school as part of the Étoiles, and highly recommended he best take advantage. A little bit single-minded, but it helps start off the weekend free and loose (and empty with a soft middle) and after this past Tuesday’s kilo of horrors… well, you get the idea.

Then – off to proto-school.

[we now insert eight hours of elapsed time. that could be perceived as long or short depending on whether there is activity or whether concentration is on observing the Buffet Fu Lam]

So how was the last day as part of the group of Étoiles?

We don’t know!

Liam Wallace might be talking about other things in five languages, but he wasn’t spilling the beans on how his day went. Plus we didn’t find his activity log so we couldn’t read up on what happened. Hopefully that log will be waiting for him when he goes back on Monday for the new proto-school year.

The Micro-Dragon spent a little Mom time outside, going to the local park (and returning with a small pile of sand where sand really isn’t expected to be), but also showing his Mom how to blow bubbles.

Here he’s evaluating both his Mom’s technique and her pulmonary function. The exposure makes it difficult to see, but there is a bubble being formed. Mother and Son had some fun doing this at the front of the homestead.

Liam Wallace assessing his Mom's bubble blowing technique

After the pulmonary functions tests, it was time to have one of his personal favorites: delicious pizza.

This would be a 14″ large, because for some reason, the shop was having a promo where the large pizzas were significantly below the cost of the 12″ medium pizza.

Delicious Pizza!

Do we know that it’s take-away pizza? Yes we know that it’s take-away pizza. Liam Wallace is somewhat “meh” when it comes to loving the crusts of pies the Patrem has attempted to make over the past year. Either too dense, or too cardboard-y in flavor, or lacking chew and so forth.

This one he likes, and it’s a meal which includes the four food groups and one accompanied by a glass of biomoo for that calcium, Vitamin D and nutrients for strong bones and muscles.

He shared his meal with the proud paternal grandparents who came to have Graduation Day dinner with him.

Proud paternal grandparents, Liam Wallace with cone

Liam Wallace continues to like ice cream, and the magic word for one is “cone”. He looked up after the shutter had released.

So Proto-School Year One winds down and we close the chapter on Liam Wallace as a member of the Étoiles.

The parentals are still curious about how the last day unfolded and we obviously don’t have word on whether he took advantage of the Patrem’s morning suggestion though we’ll likely find out one way or another. For now, it’s time to recharge brain as it’s another activity-packed weekend being planned with visits to both his friend Dave and to see multi-aunts and multi-cousins after the market excursion for delicious tomato.

Monday will be a new chapter as Liam Wallace and his little gang (now seven total) is the start of the new school year of adventures as Oursons (bear cubs).



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