Golden raspberries

Liam Wallace loves fruit. At the present time, the only foods that might possibly compete with fruit on the accept-o-meter might be delicious ham and perhaps ice cream, though that last one is handicapped by selective acceptance of flavors and manufacturers. But fruit reigns above everything to the point where if it weren’t for the existence of delicious ham, the patrem might worry that his son would come out one day and declare “I’m a vegetarian”.

Willies aside, the Micro-Dragon does indeed love fruit. We have raspberries on the homestead but this year has been disastrous for the crop because the torrential rains earlier in the year and the accelerated leaf bud following the delayed spring caused the canes to overextend so that they started to bend and break as the fruit started to form and mature. Then as the crop got to the point where we could start harvesting, the city comes along and hammers the sidewalk, destroying the best plants in the process.


One raspberry which didn’t suffer too much was actually a new season replacement for one of the original bushes. It is a “Kiwi Gold” cultivar and produces golden raspberries. What are these? Albino plants which can’t produce anthocyanins, resulting in pale yellow/orange drupelets.

The following is some of the fruit we have managed to harvest.

Comparison of blueberry and two different raspberries

On the far left is a what is likely a mutant blueberry from the Atwater Market; it is a commercial product but it’s not like we’re going to burn down the hedge to promote blueberry growth in the back yard. These things are ginormous but pretty good and had reasonable blueberry taste in spite of the size. The middle is a standard red raspberry from the Hiawatha cultivar – this bush is one of the originals planted so it is in its third year of production. On the right is a “Kiwi Gold” golden raspberry from the new replacement bush.

And a somewhat closer view of the golden raspberry so that you can better see the coloration of the albino drupelets.

Closeup of the Kiwi Gold golden raspberry

Liam Wallace looked at his bowl of fruit and obviously spotted that there were only a couple of raspberries and a whole lot of giant blueberries, so the obvious course of action was to start with the raspberries and do a taste test between the red raspberry that he’s seen many times and the new golden raspberry vying for his attention.

Liam Wallace taste-testing the Kiwi Gold

[aside: one of the advantages of having a glass dining table is that is is very easy to spot when people are attempting to hide food or avoiding the use of napkins. in the case of the Micro-Dragon, the parentals also get to see how he sits. the photos above and below this aside confirm that expression of at least a tiny portion of paternal phenotype is present as Liam Wallace demonstrates not one but two behavioral elements attributable to the Patrem because they’re non-existent in the Mom – his pinkie is extended when he manipulates food and dishes, and he crosses his tootsies when he sits down to meals]

After chewing thoughtfully and careful consideration, the attempt at appropriately and concisely proclaiming expert judgment on the new golden raspberry was succinctly uttered…

Liam Wallace projecting word post-Kiwi Gold



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