Can you believe it? It’s the start of another year at proto-school for the Micro-Dragon, and he’s gone from being an Étoile (Star) to an Ourson (bear cub) to a Girafe (giraffe). Let’s just continue using the English spelling of giraffe because it doesn’t trigger the in-line spell check.

The parentals are having a little difficulty grasping the concept that he’s going to start his third year already. He and the others are getting really big really fast. This go-around his core group stays the same but they lose two Oursons and gain a new set of 3 in the kid shuffle to make up a group of 8 giraffes.

This would be this morning, after a continental breakfast and basting with SPF50. He’s putting on his shoes and getting last-minute instructions from The Mom on the importance of education while still having a good time at school. Look at how attentive he is during the lecture her chat.

Getting first day of proto-school instructions from The Mom

And here is the obligatory annual first day of proto-school photo with The Mom at proto-school. He really did hold still and (sort-of) look at the camera.

Obligatory first day at proto-school photo with The Mom

And this would be the “stop taking pictures already!” comment to the Patrem. We have to take many photos to find the useable ones.

The "no more pictures!" response

He seems to be paler than the Mom. However, that is indeed his delicious lobster shirt, because he really likes delicious lobsters. Seeing them and touching them right now, though we’ll be in real trouble when he discovers he likes eating them.

So how did everyone do?

A little nervous for Liam Wallace because we were somehow one of the earliest groups to arrive, so he didn’t really know anyone playing outside and also had to meet and introduce himself to his new instructors.

A big bag of nerves for The Mom along with the waterfall of tears because Liam Wallace had spent the last month with her as she did the annual natal philopatry thing. What he did on summer vacation will come later.

However things did sort themselves out and we were astounded to read the day’s activities in his review book. Not one but two servings of fish nuggets and broccoli salad. The broccoli he sometimes eats because they look like little trees, but fish? That’s the astounding part – fish at home is a dinner projectile.


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